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Steel Roofing Shingles – Enjoy a Lifetime of Beauty

Steel roofing shingles provide the finest roof systems which last the lifetime of your building. Rated highly by Energy Star for efficiency, steel roofing shingles are manufactured to appear similar to slate, shake, tile and standing seam roofs. Advanced features such as solar shingles and membrane roofing are also possible with steel roofs.

As your home is among your most precious assets, protecting it and giving it a classy appeal are high priorities for most home owners. Steel roofing shingles go a long way to making this happen. With these installed, you won’t have to worry about having to re-roof again.

Steel roofing shingles are a great investment for your home. The goal with metal roofs is to deliver a product that lasts for very long and is extremely durable requiring practically zero maintenance. Steel roofing shingles achieve this happy goal. Interlocking shingles look just like traditional slate or shake shingles but are made of aluminum or steel. They come in many attractive designs and textures to match any home’s color and architectural style.

Steel roofing shingles have one major drawback – they can rust over time, especially in moist and humid climates. Aluminum roof shingles are advantageous in that they come coated with a system that includes teflon which makes them resistant to rust. The metal roofing shingles systems typically last for 50 years and longer, and most manufacturers will offer transferable warranty to cover this period.

Are steel roofing shingles noisy? That’s a common worry home owners have before choosing this roofing option. There is practically no noise, especially if a good lining system underlies the roof. The design and material itself is state of art and crafted to minimize sound transfer through the roof. And when you throw in the other benefits such as energy efficiency and durability, this becomes an attractive option despite the higher upfront price.

Why are steel roofing shingles a good choice?

They help save at least 25% on energy costs, and the lining of most shingle roofs reflects radiant heat lowering the temperature inside the building and reducing the need for air conditioning. Interlocking steel roofing shingles are environment friendly and can be recycled. There is no need for landfill waste which contaminates the neighborhood or any toxic material that needs safe disposal.

Steel roofing shingles provide a cool roof. Solar reflectance is high just as with most metal roofing systems, and both visible and infrared or UV radiation is reflected in large measure. This reduces the heat entering the building, which keeps the roof cool. White or light colored roofs help radiate much more energy than black or dark colored ones.

Steel roofing shingles are slightly more expensive to install but more than compensate for this cost by saving on energy expenses and being practically maintenance free.