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Roofing Shingles For Sale – Learn How To Keep Your Roof Problem Free

Roofing shingles for sale help you buy shingles at a lower cost than normal. These are usually available when the retailers or dealers want to get rid of their extra stock or if the particular shingles are not moving fast enough for them. Whatever be the reason if you get them at a discount you will be saving a lot of money.
It is not enough to buy roofing shingles for sale at low prices. It is also important to maintain them in order to prevent small cracks from widening and major leaks from happening. It is not important what roofing materials you use as long as your roof maintenance is timely and effective.
When and how you conduct roof inspections depend on roofing type you have installed. Some roofs need more care than others. Asphalt is designed for 15-20 years and need proper care, metal roofs are long lasting and don’t need that much maintenance but they are proportionately much more expensive. If you have decided to buy roofing shingles for sale then make sure they are not defective or have potential problems. The problems will not be worth the reduced price.
Check the following points to make sure your roofing shingles are always in pristine condition and last a long time without needing replacement.
1. When buying the roofing shingles for sale makes sure that there is no discoloration as this indicates either long storage or presence of mold and fungus. Black or brown streaks indicate wear and tear during storage. This is usually common in humid areas.
2. After installation check for any signs that any of the shingles are damaged. If the roofing shingles for sale are torn or cracked the roof will leak. It is important to replace them immediately.
3. If any shingles are missing then replace them immediately. A missing shingle will be a weak spot in the roofing and lead to water and snow seeping into the surrounding and underlying backing. This is weakening it. In the long term the shingles around the missing one will all be damaged and the repair costs will be higher.
4. Cut down the low lying branches of trees growing close by. Continuous rubbing of the branches against the roofing shingles for sale can damage them. Also, during heavy rain or storm the branches may break and fall over the roof causing significant damage to it.
5. Green roofing shingles for sale are more prone to problems. So, they need more checks and maintenance than regular shingles.
6. Make visual inspections of your home. Are they any wet patches or signs of dampness near the roof? This can mean water seepage. Growth of algae and moss also indicates dampness seeping through either the wall or roof. If it is through the roof then it may be important to get some roofing shingles on sale for replacing older ones.
7. Keep the roof clean of organic matter at all times. Organic matter and dust collected on roofs will encourage the growth of small plants, bugs and mold. This will damage your roof.
8. Get a roofing maintenance company to inspect your roof once in a few years. Experts will be able to spot problems that you might miss.
When you spot a problem don’t just rush to get roofing shingles for sale and try to mend the cracked or damaged area. It is important to find out the underlying cause for the problem and fix it first. Otherwise you will frequently be making those trips to the store for more shingles.


Roofing Shingles For Sale – Tips For Roof Maintenance

It doesn’t matter what roofing materials you use in construction. It matters that you regularly inspect your roof to make sure that any problems that may have arisen are quickly dealt with in a cost effective manner.

The schedule on which you conduct such inspections will depend on the type of roof you have. Asphalt roofing is designed to last for 15 to 20 years. Others like clay, tile and metal roofs have varying durability. When you use roofing shingles for sale, be aware of the potential for variation in this longevity and modify your inspection schedule accordingly.

Here is a checklist to make sure that your roof is in good condition – and to identify any flaws or failures that must be addressed swiftly.

1. Look for signs of discoloration on the roof. Streaks of black or brown on the roofing shingles for sale can indicate wear and tear or long storage periods on the store shelf. It may also mean that the shingles are affected by fungus or mold. This is common in high humidity situations like where the roof is in shade or when it faces north, especially in damp and cool climates.

2. Look to see if there are any signs of damange in the roofing shingles for sale. Shingles that are torn or cracked will leak and should be replaced. Missing shingles create a weak spot through which the elements can damage the underlying roof. If ignored for too long, this will end up weakening other shingles and tiles, causing them to be ripped off or blown away in heavy winds, causing more extensive damage.

3. If there are trees growing close to your roof, trim the branches or even cut them down if they are likely to cause friction injury to your roofing shingles. If this continues, it can cause more serious damage.

4. Green roofs require more maintenance. Regularly check and maintain them to ensure the shingles are in good working order.

5. Water leakage can be serious and damages your attic and walls, as well as weakening the entire structure. Watch the inside walls for signs of moisture or the growth of moss or algae. This indicates damp seepeing through the wall or roof, and may require a trip to get roofing shingles for sale.

6. See if there is any rubbish, leaves, or other debris collecting on the roof or on eaves. These can cause organic material to grow on them, like bugs and molds. As a result, your roof will be damaged and require costly repairs.

7. Get expert reviews from time to time. You may overlook something which a specialist will pick up in an instant and that may help you save a lot on expensive repairs when the problem has multiplied.

In addition to these issues, you could have animals and weather conditions cause damage to your roofing shingles. The important part of maintaining a roof is not to rush out and grab some roofing shingles on sale and pop them up over the broken or empty spaces. Instead, it is to do a thorough check for areas of damage, and pre-empt more serious problems by taking swift and correct action on these areas.


Roofing Shingles For Sale – How To Pick A Good Deal?

Every year during the lean season roofing shingles for sale are on offer in many parts of the country. Roofers will tell you that their main season for roofing installation runs from spring through to winter. During the peak winter not many roofs are installed. So, roofing shingles manufacturers and stores selling these shingles in a bid to clear out their old stock offer discounts and sales. If you have been keeping track of prices you will find that generally around this time the prices drop by a small percentage. If you are buying in bulk then you will be saving a significant amount of money.

Is is a good idea to buy roofing shingles for sale or get the roofer to supply and install the shingles?

If you are able to source good quality roofing shingles at a really low cost, then it might be a good idea to buy them and get a roofer to install them. But, you might face a situation where the roofers refuse to install the roofing shingles that are not supplied by them or they charge extra for roof installation. Roofing contractors generally buy roof shingles in bulk from their known contacts and generally make a small profit on it. When you cut them out of this profit by buying roofing shingles for sale they will naturally want to make it up by adding to your roof installation cost.

Roof Sales At Roofing Companies

Many roofing companies also offer roof sales during the lean season when they do not have much business to encourage homeowners and business owners to redo their roofs. These companies will generally offer limited time and limited number of roofs for sale. Here you can buy roofing shingles for sale and the roofer will install it for you. This benefits both the homeowners and the roofing company. As they can keep their roofing contractors employed during the mean season and also clear out the old stocks of roofing materials. The homeowners benefits as he gets a brand new roof at much lower cost.

Limited Choice

It has to be borne in mind that when purchasing roofing shingles on sale you can not expect much in terms of choice when you are purchasing it on your own from the big super marts or sourcing it through the roofers. The stores will trying to clear out their old stocks to make room for new products and arrivals. Also, they will be selling only stuff that hasn’t found many buyers. If you happen to like what’s on offer then that’s a double bonus for you. Roofing companies when they offer roofing sales will source at the maximum one or two types of roofing materials to get bulk discount. They are mainly trying to keep their roofing contractors busy during the lean season. So, here again the choice will not be too great.

Cost of Installation

As mentioned earlier the roof installation cost of roofing shingles for sale maybe higher. Another reason this could be higher even though you sourced the roofing shingles for sale from the roofing company itself is because the roofing company may have different method of installation which is more expensive. So, you may end up paying the same amount as when you do it in the regular season with a different company. Again, each company will claim their installation type to better. If you are satisfied with a particular company’s method of installation and their prices then taking up their offer in the lean season can get you a true discount.

How And Where To Find Roofing Shingles On Sale

Check out your home improvement stores in your city. They might be running clearance sales or have end of season sales, products lines that are discontinued, unpopular colors, roofing styles that have gone out of fashion are some of the shingles which might be offered on discount. Also, call roofing contractors in your area, they might be holding on to shingles from canceled orders or customers might have moved on higher priced shingles leaving cheaper stock lying with the roofers. You might be able to take this lot off the roofer’s hands. Another option is to call up shingles manufacturing units and ask them if they have some defective lots or discontinued products which might be up for sale. Manufacturers have to discard lots that have cosmetic defects or shingles from the last season. If you are lucky you might be able to pick up really good quality roofing shingles on sale which have only minor defects.

As always when you are looking for price discounts you have to pay in time and effort. Also, you might have to buy extra amount of shingles in order to replace defective ones, the color and material may not be of your choice. Also, some of the shingles may have been in storage for a long time and they may deteriorate faster than you expected. So, be sure to keep these factors in mind when looking for roofing shingles for sale.


Roofing Shingles For Sale – Finding Good Buys

Roofing is a seasonal business and so, during the lean season you will find roofing shingles for sale at home improvement stores and roofing companies. Roofing contractors are usually busy through the peak season and you won’t find many discounts around that time. In the off-peak months roofing companies find themselves with roofers who are idle or unemployed. Even manufacturers find that their products are not moving fast enough. In order to clear out old stocks and make way for new lines of products store owners and manufacturers offer generous discounts. If you are tracking roofing shingles prices you will generally notice a drop in prices around this time. You may be able to pick some great deals if you purchase in the lean season of the roofing business.

But, again you need to think before you purchase roofing shingles for sale on your own. If you are not a DIY roofer then you have to depend on professional roofers. Roofing contractors generally factor in a small percentage of profit when buying shingles and add the installation cost to it. But, if you are buying the shingles then they might charge you extra for roofing installation. Some roofers might flat out refuse the job. As roofers buy shingles in bulk for several customers they will get shingles at a lower price which they offer it to you either at the same price or a slightly lower price. When you purchase roofing shingles you are cutting them out of their small percentage of profit which they will add to your installation cost.

Roofing Companies Roof Sales

You will find roofing companies offering roofing shingles on sale during the lean period. As their business drops they would like to keep their contractors busy, so they offer roof sales where they do the installation. Homeowners can purchase these roofs at a discounted price and the roofing company can keep its employees busy. Both the sides benefit with these kind of deals. The roofing company buys limited number of roofs types in bulk from the manufacturers and passes on the discounts to the home owners. The choice is limited but the prices offered are attractive.

Choice of Roofs Limited

If you plan to buy roofing shingles on sale then don’t expect much choice. You may have to compromise on a lot of factors like product color, product type, company, quality and so on. Whether you are buying it from the roofers or the from big super marts the businesses selling these products are either trying to clear out their old stocks or to drum up new business. In both cases you will have to settle for a limited array of choices. You will have to settle for unpopular colors, defective lots, styles that have gone out of fashion.

Installation Cost

Installation cost might turn out higher than you expected. One reason is that when you don’t buy the shingles from the roofing company then the company maybe reluctant to do your job. Some roofers might take it up but at higher costs then what they quote for regular customers. Also, even if you bought the shingles at a roofing company sale, they might be the high end contractors whose installation costs are generally higher than other contractors. You might be lucky and find a roofer who does a great job at the prices you estimated for.


Roofing Shingles For Sale

Roofing shingles for sale can save home owners a lot of cash when it comes time to replace an existing leaky roof or install a new one. Asphalt shingle roofing is the most popular choice when it comes to roofing systems. These shingles are available in multiple styles and at various price points to appeal to all budgets. They have generous warranty terms of 30 to 50 years.

Roofing shingles for sale come in all variations and styles to fit and match architectural and color schemes of different constructions. For those who want thin and light shingles, the fiberglass composite shingles make for an ideal choice. Each square needs 3 bundles of these lightweight shingles to cover, and the weight can be between 80 and 100 pounds. Not only do the lighter roofing shingles place a smaller burden on the roofing frame but it is also easier for roofing contractors to carry up to the roof.

Organic shingles are another kind of roofing shingles for sale. These are heavier and more durable than fiberglass versions. They have a mat backing of felt or paper into which asphalt is embedded along with mineral granules that prevent fungal and algal growth. These shingles are more flexible and water absorbent. As a result, they are more prone to warp and damage in time.

Shingles reflect these variations, with geographic locales stocking the forms that are more suitable for the local weather and climatic conditions. For instance, organic roofing shingles for sale are more often used in the northern United States while fiberglass composite types are popular in the south.

Roofing shingles for sale must comply with standards and guidelines established by local governing bodies. ASTM D-3462 is one such standard for fiberglass roofing shingles. Organic roofing shingles are governed by ASTM D-225. Municipalities and local bodies insist upon roofing shingles meeting the criteria set down for safe construction, and it is up to home owners to consult with building inspectors and contractors to ensure that their homes meet these norms. If you’re doing your roofing project yourself, be sure to check your labels to see if all criteria are met. Also check with your local building inspector.

You can save a lot by buying roofing shingles for sale. It is true that you may not always get the best quality material or the style or color that you most desire. But by being patient and watchful you will be able to get a good deal for a significant cost saving. Places to look out for roofing shingles for sale are from roofing contractors who may have surpluses from other projects, ebay and other online auction sites and clearance sales at warehouses who are looking to get rid of older inventory.

Whatever shingles you decide to buy and where you choose to source them from, you must read the packaging labels and consult with an expert or inspector before finalizing your decisions. Picking the wrong shingles or installing them in a manner that doesn’t meet the prevalent guidelines can lead to costly revisions that neutralize any cost advantage you got by buying roofing shingles for sale.