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Roof Shingles Prices – How Costly Does Roof Replacement Get?

Roof shingles prices have an impact on the overall cost of roof replacement, but other factors such as professional charges, roofing material and nature of the roof also have a role to play. Roofing prices range across a wide figure because of these reasons. A roof replacement is not something to be undertaken lightly and without much planning and research.

A very similar project for homes with nearly identical footage can cost as much as 100% higher because of variables such as the pitch and slope of the roof, the presence of chimneys, skylights and gables, and others.

While roof shingles prices are standard and easily accessed from manufacturer’s websites, there is considerable difficulty in arriving at an estimate for a roof replacement cost. Without knowing specific details about a particular building, it is practically impossible to make a roofing estimate. In homes with simple roofs, the real cost may be closer to the lower end of the spectrum. For more complex roofs, the cost may run even higher. This is despite the roof shingles prices being about the same for both roofs.

For common asphalt composite shingles roofing the cost of professional installation runs to between $1,500 and $8500 while the self-installation expenses could be between $900 and $3,500. However, do it yourself roofing is only for experienced people who know the risks and have the wherewithal to install a roof themselves.

Home owners are strongly advised to be well informed about roof shingles prices and other elements of roof modification or replacement before they embark upon a re-roofing project. If you hire a contractor to work on your roof, it pays to make sure they are licenced, insured and reliable before doing anything with them. For more about roof shingles prices check out this article.


Are Roof Shingles Prices Most Important?

When it comes to trying to determine how much a new roof costs there are various factors at play. Roof shingles prices are one of them. But there is no definitive way to estimate this cost, or any single factor that has an overwhelming impact on the roof cost.

Many things must be considered. After all the elements are weighted, a quote or estimate can be derived. Some of these factors include:

* how big the building is, and what the area of the roof is
* what roofing materials will be used in the construction
* where the building is located (local costs vary widely)
* is the building new, or is this a re-roofing project?
* taxes and regulatory expenses, if any
* type of roof and building

Once you have listed out this information, the next step is to figure out what impact each of them has on the overall cost of your roof. When you do this, you’ll notice that roof shingles prices are certainly an important component – but by no means the only, or even major thing that influences roofing costs.

After drawing up a rough estimate, it is time to invite bids from roofing contractors for the project. This will help you get a good price on the job, even if roof shingles prices are relatively fixed and there is a limit to the extent of discounts possible.


Roofing Shingles Prices – The Cost Factor Of Shingles In Roofing

Are you aware about roofing shingles prices in your area? If you don’t have a clue about the prices it is likely that you might be taken for a ride by unscrupulous roofing contractors. It is best to be informed about them for your own benefit.

In order to get the best deals, you have to learn some basic about the roofing industry. There are two major cost factors in roofing – one is roofing shingles prices and of course the materials prices, the other is labor costs.

This is not complicated science. Roofing related materials and their prices are easy to compare. There are certain pet likes and dislikes for each roofing contractor and how they work also falls a set pattern. So, using that as guidance you can generally match quotes from two different contractors. You can get quotes online which help you to compare and contrast more easily and it also serves as a guideline when choosing a particular contractor for the job.

There are a number of manufactures who offer roofing shingles at competitive prices. You will find roofing shingles prices that suit every budget. The makers of these systems offer complete roofing solutions with all the materials needed to lay a roof being offered as one package.

GAF offers some of best roofing systems which offer excellent value for money, high quality products and efficient roofing systems. Their roofing shingles prices are also pretty reasonable. Another company that offers similar roofing systems at great prices is IKO. There are several more of such big brand names like TAMKO, CertainTeed and others whose great quality and prices make them excellent buys. They offer dimensional, architectural and laminated shingles apart from normal 3-tab shingles. With this new range of shingles you get an additional dimension to your roofing.

The only problem with these complete roofing solutions is that the companies claim that you have to make use of these complete systems in order get a better performance and durability than trying to mix and match products across companies. They also put into a lot of pre-conditions stating that if you don’t use all their components when laying the roofing, then their warranties on the roofing shingles void. This is necessarily not a good thing for the consumers. Even if they shop around for best roofing shingle prices they may have end up paying lot more for accessories and extras which anyway jacks up the costs.

Considering these points it becomes imperative on your part to do a thorough research and find out about roofing shingles prices from different sources and how buying or not buying entire roofing systems affects the warranties. On average the best roofing shingles cost from $135 to $175 dollar per square ( a square in roofing is equal to 100 square feet). The prices also vary based on location. Most roofing manufacturers have several shingles making units in every state. This minimizes the transportation costs and also the locally made shingles are manufactured to the local area needs and follow the building codes set by the local councils and state building authorities.