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8 Reasons Why Copper Roof Shingles Are Your Ideal Roofing Solution

If you’re looking for durability coupled with beauty at an affordable cost, then look no further than copper roof shingles for a premium solution. Copper shingles make the best option of all in the roofing industry since they are simple enough to be installed by any roofer. Others like cedar, slate and tile shingles often need a roofer to first acquire specialized skills or buy unique tools. Not so with metal plated roofing.

1. Easy to install: In addition to being easy to install, roof shingles also give your home a sleek, elegant and rich look. With a simple, lightly embossed style, this kind of roofing suits many different types of buildings, home or office, historic or contemporary.

2. Long lasting: Copper roof shingles also last long and lend permanence to any architectural roofing. That makes them ideal choices for public buildings and commercial establishments in addition to homes. You will see copper shingles on many different kinds of roofs – and they’ll all look good!

3. Excellent waterproofing: Copper shingles also deliver reliable waterproofing. Being engineered to resist the elements, each copper shingle has two distinct parts. One, the visible, is a solid shingle made of copper. The other, concealed, is a joint pan. Both are tightly bound with no seam or cracks leaving potential leaks. Because of a unique structure, these roofing tiles provide protection against all kinds of weather conditions.

Testing under field conditions has been rigorous and thorough. Hurricane force winds and rainfall do not result in leaks in such tests with copper shingles. In one study, wind speeds up to 100 mph and rainfall up to 8 inches were studied, and the results were standing clearly in favor of this roofing solution.

4. Environment friendly: Copper shingle roofing is not just an attractive, functional and cost effective solution – it also is a ‘green solution’ because the shingles are recyclable with high salvage value in case they need replacement. A beautiful patina of verdigris coats these shingles, giving it a calming green color, too. And the components used in manufacturing these shingles leaves little to take to the landfill. There aren’t many other building materials that strain the environment as little as this.

5. Fire and heat resistant: And copper roof shingles are fire resistant. You’ll save a fortune on insurance costs alone by using this material in your construction, especially with the concern about forest fires in recent times. Resistant to weather, extremes of temperature and UV radiation as well as environmental pollutants, these unique shingles are any home-owner’s delight.

6. Cost effective: When it comes to cost, too, copper roof shingles have an advantage over other alternatives. Not only is the material itself economically priced, the advantage of being easily installed by any competent roofer without needing specialized equipment or training will cut down on your installed cost significantly as compared with slate, wood or asphalt shingle.

7. Low weight: This form of roofing weighs around 140 pounds per square, which is much lesser than asphalt. This means you don’t have to reinforce your roof in any way, further lowering your construction costs. The shingles are designed in a way to make it intuitively simple to install. There is no risk of leaking at a seam if a particular sequence is not adhered to.

8. Durability: Being durable and strong, it is likely that your copper roof shingles will last the lifetime of your building. That’s the reason most manufacturers will offer you a lifetime warranty when you buy their material. At least 50 years is the expected life of your shingle roof.

For all these reasons, homeowners, architects and builders alike have preferred copper roof shingles for years. It’s a combination of beauty with quality that will enhance the look and value of your home for years to come.