Roofing Shingles Reviews – A Guide To Buying Better Shingles

Roofing shingles reviews will help you pick better type of roof shingles for your roof. A study of over 25 brands was conducted by exposing them to elements, high winds, wild temperature changes, extreme temperatures, hail, storm, rain and much more. Exposed them to high impact, natural and man-made disasters. After all these tests they were also exposed to natural ageing process and the effects of sunlight on the shingles was also tested. Here we will try to sum up our tests and give you a fair assessment of the performance of different roofing options.

When you set out to replace your roof you will find that roofing contractors have certain preferences and push for particular brands. Our answer you don’t have to go by your roofer’s choice. If need be change your roofing contractor. This is because you are paying for this and it is only fair that you get a roof of your choice.

Roofing shingles are sold in squares or bundles. If you have a 2300 square foot roofing area than you will need around 30 squares of roofing material factoring in 10 percent for wastage. You will spend $4000-$10000 for labor. Save some shingles for any roofing repairs later on.

If you are planning on installing heavier shingles then think twice about installing it over the old shingles. The extra weight is not good for the rafters and roof structure unduly stressing them. If there are already two layers of shingles then building codes do not permit a third layer. You need to strip and dispose of old roofing shingles. A complete removal helps you to assess the decking to check for water damage, rot or other problems. You will be spending extra 100 dollars per 100 square feet to remove the old shingles.

You don’t need to install the real thing if you like slate or wood. The cost is extremely high and so are the installation costs. For a much lesser price you can get good quality and similar looking roofing with asphalt-based laminated and architectural roofing shingles. These are thicker and layered and performed well. The 3-tab shingles are similarly priced but are made in single layers and their performance wasn’t so good. Flatter and thinner shingles are not recommended.

Fake slate asphalt roofing is very similar to the real thing and last 30 years or more. The weight is much lesser than actual slate. So, the cost of installation is also lower and you don’t need beef up the roofing structure. It’s cost is higher than asphalt shingles but much lower than real slate. Performance-wise they are better than ordinary asphalt but not same as slate. In terms of impact resistance they are better than slate.

Metal roofs are noisier than other types of roofing. They are available in strips, rolls, sheets and shingles form. The textured metal roofs are much better at hiding any dents caused by exposure to hail storms. You can choose from steel, aluminum, copper and their alloys. Copper is the most expensive metal roofing but it also lasts quite and as it ages it acquires a greenish tinge called patina which is considered attractive. Metal is resistant to fire and also qualifies for energy star rebates of $1500 as it is energy efficient roofing option.

Check for fire rating and warranty of any roofing you buy. The above is just a summary of extensive roofing shingles reviews performed over the last year.

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