Metal Roofing Shingles – Growing In Popularity

Next to asphalt the most widely used roofing is metal roofing shingles. The roof is very important part of a home as it protects it from vagaries of nature and extremes of weather. Over time as the old roof starts falling apart and the time for installing a new roof is imminent it is only natural that homeowners start looking for different options. Metal and asphalt shingles top the list of likely roofs that homeowners look into. There are a number of reasons why metal roof shingles are gaining in popularity.

Steel, copper, aluminum and their alloys are most commonly used metal roofing shingles. Steel roofs cost on average 30 percent more than asphalt shingles.
Other metal roofing shingles are more expensive. Copper is the most expensive of all metal roofs. They have a long life-span and they are known to last 100 years or more. Copper roofs acquire a green patina with age which is highly regarded by some homeowners.

Not all homeowners can opt for metal as some homeowners associations will not allow metal roofing. But, there are several options in metal which like asphalt shingles, slate shingles and wood shingles. So, it might turn out that you can opt for it. So, don’t rule out metal roofing shingles without giving it due consideration.

Why should you consider metal roofing shingles? They are especially good in windy conditions. They can withstand high speed winds of several miles per hour. They are also much lighter in weight than asphalt shingles. Steel shingles weigh about one seventh of asphalt shingles. This means that your roof structure has to withstand lesser loads and less stress.

Metal roofing shingles are also fire-resistant. They help in reducing your insurance premiums. If you live in areas close to forests were there is risk of forest fire, a brick house with a metal roof as a better chance of surviving the fire than home with asphalt shingles.

The roofs with metal roofing shingles have the long life-span of several decades. Conservatively it can be said as 50 years. But, this is on lower side. You can rest assured that metal roof you put up will be the last roof you ever put up for your home.

Metal roofs are widely used in industrial applications. Most warehouses, commercial buildings, garages and such applications. Metal is long lasting roof and being fire-proof and wind-resistant is highly regarded roof in industries. But, it need not be restricted to industries, there are many options available for residential buildings too. The metal roof shingles that mimic slate, tiles and wood are some of these options.

People wonder whether it is worth opting for metal roofs when low cost asphalt roofing shingles are available. Well, if you are going to live in your present for long and do not wish to go through another roof replacement in your life then opting for metal roofing shingles is a great choice. Also, your budget should allow for the higher cost of materials. Installation is relatively easy but you should find suitable roofers who will do the job properly. Improperly laid roofing shingles can completely negate any benefits the roofing might offer.

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