ELK Roofing Shingles – An Overview

ELK roofing shingles from GAF is a product from a brand that is trusted and respected by home owners around the country, boasting of over 100 years of experience. Elk roofing shingles come with a customary 30 to 50 year warranty for the asphalt shingles and is one of the top selling shingles product all over the United States.

GAF holds patents governing the structure and designing of enhanced shadowing shingles which it sells under the brand ELK roofing shingles. The stunning visual sensation of depth and shadow rivals a similar impact created only at a huge multiple of the cost when you choose any other forms of roof shingles.

Timberline shingles which include ELK add curbside appeal which enhances the overall value of any building with Elk roofing shingles. These are certified by international authorities which means these shingles can be used in various countries. In New Zealand, the brand is appraised by BRANZ and commended for inspiring natural beauty while simultaneously meeting international standards for quality and durability.

GAF elk roofing shingles in the Timberline Prestique range have a complex structure to each shingle. The asphalt roofing shingle has a layer of diamond cut granules overlying a select asphalt base and a micro-weave core which is again sandwiched between asphalt. The same structure is repeated again, and layered over a dura grip adhesive that enhances the wind resistance of Elk roofing shingles.

The diamond cut granules are what reflects light and adds depth and dimension to your roof. The multifaceted design is complex, yet simple, and guards against UV radiation. This prolongs the lifespan of the Elk roofing shingles and maintains the shingle color for longer time. Dura grip has been reported to safely withstand even gale force winds.

The finest quality asphalt base goes into every Elk roofing shingle, and the microweave core is responsible for greater strength and flexibility. Weathering provided by this design keeps the building waterproof under harsh conditions. Fire hazard ratings are high for buildings with Elk roofing shingles also.

Elk roofing shingles come in the form of fiberglass asphalt shingles of heavyweight structure with 30 to 40 year warranty. Stain Guard is a proprietary technology that protects the shingles against losing their color and algae or fungal growth. Installation of Elk roofing shingles requires some special skills and roofing contractors trained in this will be able to do the best job.

A building roofed with Elk roofing shingles will be beautiful and have an eye catching appeal in addition to the security of quality, durability and effective protection against the elements. Dimensional shingles of various sizes, shapes and colors that complement every kind of architecture and color scheme are the proud boast of a company that prides itself on delighting home owners all across the country and even around the world.

Prestique GAF elk roofing shingles are available from most roofing material dealers and can be ordered online also from the GAF website.

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