Best Roof Shingles For Wet Areas

So, you are looking for best roof shingles that are suitable for wet, cold and moist areas? Areas that are damp and have precipitation through the year can cause significant damage to the roof shingles. It is important to choose suitable shingles for these areas. With rain and snow continuously battering the roof, the shingles have to be tough and flexible. It is easy to locate such areas with moss and algae growth prominent on their shingles. Moisture is ever present and every pore and gutter is pregnant with in. You can literally see water gushing out of the eaves. As these areas are prone to thunderstorms and hurricanes, homeowners pray that the roof stays in place through the worst of weather.

Wet and moist weather is found in hilly and mountain areas and near the coastal areas. If you don’t choose the best roof shingles for such areas with care and caution it can be disastrous for the roof and the home. Water can seep in and destroy your interiors – the paint job, the carpets, the attics, the electrical fixtures and much more. All roofing shingles are prone to shedding water and you will find that different shingles do this quite differently. Their tolerance for water shedding is also quite different. Mold, mildew, fungus, insect and plant life readily take root in such circumstances. This leads to damage and destruction of roof shingles.

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