Atlas Roofing Shingles – For Algae, Hail Storm And High Wind Protection

Atlas roofing shingles are trusted brand name in the many parts of the country. These shingles are blessing in areas which suffer from tornadoes, storms and strong winds. Atlas offer some of the best rated shingles for protection against strong winds, prevention of algae damage and protection against hail storms.

Shingles that light weight or badly installed can be blown away in strong or even moderate winds. Roofing shingles are especially designed to resist high winds. In this category falls the atlas roofing shingles. They reduce the threat that winds pose to roofs. With Atlas shingles your roofs have a better chance of surviving the next storm.

Damage due to high winds is another problem that homeowners face often. Especially those who live in the areas where strong winds are normal and routine. You need to buy roofing shingles that have the appropriate high wind resistance ratings. The following Atlas roofing shingles – StormMaster® Slate, StormMatster® Shake, & Pinnacle® shingles offer wind resistance as high as 130 mph. They are all tested to Class H wind resistance, uplift resistance and Class F wind resistance. You can go to bed at night peacefully and not be afraid that when you wake up in the morning you will not see a roof over your head.

Every type of Atlas roofing shingles is tested to most rigorous standards so, that they can withstand all the stated wind speeds and more. When buying shingles remember that you should look for products that meet your local weather and climate needs. If you live in places like Iowa or Florida where tornadoes and hurricanes are the norm you should pick up shingles that have high wind resistance like the ones mentioned previously. They all offer complete protection against most wind speeds.

Another factor that mars the beauty of roofing shingles is the growth of algae on shingles. Most homes have these blackish streaks that make them look jaded and unattractive. If fact even a newly laid roof looks old and faded. This reduces your home’s value if ever you wish to sell it. It’s curb appeal is reduced even though you have spend thousands of dollars re-laying a new roof hardly a few years ago.

Atlas roofing shingles has come up with a solution. They have coated their shingles with Scotchgard Protector that prevents growth of algae. This is algae resistant technology which keeps your shingles as pristine as ever. This also protects your roof from staining frequently seen in other types of shingles. You don’t have to worry about black streaks on green or whatever color of shingles you have chosen for your roof. They will retain their color for a their life-time.

Algae streaks are not just a problem in one or two states, it is universal problem seen all over the country. Even if you are not currently facing any such problems you will soon be. Algae spores are carried by wind and they plant themselves on any roof that offers them the right conditions. Only Atlas roofing shingles which are coated with copper fortified granules across shingles with Scotchgard Protector technology prevents this problem.

Another problem that Atlas Roofing Shingles successfully deal with are hail storms. they have high enough impact resistance which helps preserve the integrity of the shingles and your roof. So, as a homeowner you needn’t worry next time you hear a hailstorm warning in your local area. The StormMaster shingles from Atlas is a superb protection against hailstorms. Designed with Styrene Butadiene Styrene technology the shingles combine great performance with durability. They have a class 4 rating against hailstorms, which is the highest rating in terms of impact resistance.

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