Roofing Materials Prices – An Overview Of Costs

Roofing materials prices keep changing based on the type used, how it has been designed and manufactured and last but not least the installation procedure. When going in for re-roofing or renovation best is to choose a similar type of roofing material as has been previously used. Some owners prefer to go for a complete makeover either because they want a change or because their previous roof has completely disappointed them due to its bad performance or the water leaking through it.

Most often the roofs are made of plywood decking and with shingles laid on top. These are the most basic type of roofing that is very popular and seen on most residential and commercial buildings. If you look at roofing materials prices then you will looking at the price of plywood replacement, flashing and shingles replacement prices. Most homes have an average roofing area of around 1500 square feet.

Here are the costs worked out for 10 feet by 10 feet home.

Roofing Materials Prices

The cost of roofing plywood for sheets of 5 by 8 inches thickness is around $20 per sheet. For 100 square feet around 4 sheets of plywood are needed whose total cost is around $80. The shingles prices vary but on average the cost is around $100 for the area mentioned. Other materials needed include nail gun, with galvanized nails which cost about $65 dollars for our project. Roofing cement costing $20 dollars per gallon will be needed.

Cost Of Labor:

Apart from roofing materials prices the second most important that you need to work out is the cost of labor. You will need the services of a carpenter for the framing and decking and they cost from $50 to $75 for every hour of work. Sometimes, they charge more if the work is complicated in nature or difficult to access. If it is a repair job, involving different locations of the roof, then calculate 2 days labor. This is just for repair for a complete installation the costs will be much more and time needed to do the job and tools and materials needed will also be a lot more.

New Shingles On Old Roof

Most often these days contractors are recommending laying of new shingles over the old without actually tearing out the old roof. This means we need to pay only for the roofing materials prices and labor cost for installation. There is no need to budget for removal of old shingles or its disposal. The cost for such installation works out to around a dollar to two dollars per square foot to install the asphalt roofing shingles or shakes.

If you skylights, chimneys, dormer windows and other complications on your roof and these have leaks or other roofing problems, then fixing them is more costly than simply installing new roofs. The reason this is more expensive than the roofing materials prices and labor cost for plain roofs is because the area around these features on the roof have to first cleared, then flashing installed and then only can roofing shingles be installed surrounding the structure or fixture. Roofing contractors spend a lot more time working on these features than laying shingles on other parts of the roof. Hence, they charge a lot more extra for such features on your roof.

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