Roof Shingle Calculator – An Estimate Of Shingles Needed For A Job

Roof shingle calculator is a sort of a ready reckoner to help estimate the roofing shingle needs for a home. The shingles needed for a roofing job are sold in either bundles or squares. A square as you might know is a roofing term used to denote hundred square feet of roof. Shingles are sold wrapped in plastic or paper and the bundles weigh light enough so a person can lift them comfortably and transport it up to the roof. So, if you compare a light-weight shingle bundle and a heavier roof shingle bundle you will find the light-weight shingles will cover more area than the heavier ones. So, you will have to buy more of the heavier shingles bundles to cover the same area.

As a general packaging rule, 3 bundles of roofing shingles cover one roofing square. This rule applies to the low-cost 3-tab strip shingles. But, today most homes no longer use these shingles as they are not as long-lasting or aesthetically attractive. So, when using roof shingle calculator remember that the heavier shingles need more bundles to cover the same area. 4-5 bundles of heavier or laminated shingles will cover the area of one square.

From the above discussion you will have an idea that you need to know the roofing area to be able to accurately place an order for the roofing shingles. If you input the area into the roof shingle calculator you will be able to arrive at the number of bundles to buy. When buying roofing shingles you also have to keep in mind the fact that roofing needs a lot of overlap not only on the plain surfaces but at the ridges, valleys, around chimneys, at the edges and as starter shingles. All these have to be factored into our ordering quantity.

There are a mainly two methods used to find the area of a roof. One is the direct measurement method where the roof is physically measured and in the other is the sheet count which is a much simpler and easier method of finding the roofing area even if it is less accurate than the measurement method. In finding the roofing area we are not bothered about getting very accurate answers. If it is as close to the actual area as possible than that is quite sufficient.

Once you get the roof area and key it into the roof shingle calculator remember that you have to also order extra bundles to cover for any shingles that are damaged or torn during their laying, the extra shingles for the starters, the shingles for overlapping, the shingles for ridges and valleys. You will an extra 4-5 bundles of shingles depending on how much of a careful roofer you are.

In the sheet count method we count the number of plywood sheets covering the whole roof. Add up the sheet areas and we get the roofing area. If you have any half sheet, quarter sheets on the roof just add them up to get full sheets. Now, enter the details in your roof shingle calculator and get the number of bundles to order and prices.

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