Window Cornice Designs – Choose One From The Several Available Cornice Designs

Window cornice designs can be used to enhance the interiors of the home by improving the looks of windows. Usually windows are rectangular hollows in the walls that let’s in air and light into the home. Usually, covered with glass set in frames the windows are dressed up with drapes, curtains or blinds. Our best efforts with these window treatments are sometimes not enough to create the required visual impact.

By adding cornices to the windows you elevate the hollow space and give it an extra dimension. The pleat curtains or designer blinds when hung from cornices look more elegant as all imperfections in the windows, frames and window sill are completely covered. Also, the window treatment rods can be hidden by the cornice.

By choosing chic window cornice designs the room’s interiors will get the much needed facelift. The top of your window cornice can be used as a display shelf. Arrange your curios and awards for all to see. Another idea is display your family pictures.

Cornices are easy to build with a few tools and wooden boards from DIY or discount stores. Finalize the window cornice design you want to build and buy the materials and tools. It takes a few hours to build one. So, you can set aside a few weekends to finish the project for your entire home. Else, you can buy them off the shelf or online if your windows are all standard sized. You can choose different designs for your bedrooms, living room and dining halls.

Here are some window cornice designs to choose from:

Crown Cornices: These are cornices that have a facade mounted on top of the box cornice. The facade can be simple or complex based on how good you are at shaping the wood into the required design. The crown like topping over the box base is the reason why we call this the crown cornice. However, this kind of cornice cannot serve as a display case.

Pagoda Cornices: Shaped like the pagoda these window cornice designs have narrow top and the bottom flares a little. The bottom can feature exquisite carved designs if you have the flair for it. You can have scallops, arches or floral designs. Else, leave it plain. Instead show off some beautiful art pieces on the top.

Box Cornices: This basic design is simple yet elegant. Shaped like an elongated box with straight tops and sides this is the simplest cornice to build. If you want you can add a design element to it.

Lambrequin And Cantonniers Cornices: These two type of window cornice designs have legs which extend on both sides of the windows. The Cantonnier cornice has shorter legs while lambrequin cornice legs can extend the whole length of window sides.

The above are a few design ideas to use for your cornices. There are plenty of other designs too. Combined with valances and elegant curtains or drapes hanging from pretty cornices your room will look stylish and graceful. If you want them to look chic go for fine artistic blinds. Window cornice designs are the just beginning of many different ways you can design and decorate your interiors to reflect your personality.

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