Types Of Shingles – How To Choose Your Roofing Shingles

There are many types of shingles available today like wood or cedar shingles, clay tiles, asphalt shingles, metal shingles, cement tiles, slate tiles and solar panle shingles. Choosing a particular color or texture of shingle is a matter of taste. However, deciding on a particular type of shingle is not that easy. That depends on other considerations besides your own taste. For example wood shingles or cedar shingles maybe your favorite but using it in areas where forest fires are frequent occurrences is a foolhardy thing to do particularly if you live close to the woods. If your home is a modern and contemporary one then rounded shingles or clay tiles would not gel with it. The clash of styles will leave your home looking odd.

Most often when browsing the different types of shingles our homes are not yet finished. Neither will the exteriors be completed before the roof. So, we have to use either software tools to show us how the house will look once the tiles and painting is done or use own vivid imagination to visualize the final outcome. The type of shingle you select should complement and complete your home’s entire look and feel.

Style, Neighborhood, Layout:

When choosing a shingle color keep in mind factors like the style of your home, the sidings that will be used, the type and size of windows and doors, the neighborhood where the home sits and the layout of your property. Some colors are considered traditional, others are more contemporary. Your color selection will determine the look of your home. Make sure to take into consideration the homes in your neighborhood. Colors that clash with that of your neighbor’s don’t really enhance either home.


Another factor when choosing from all the types of shingles on offer is the durability factor. Long lasting, trouble-free, maintenance-free roofs are much sought after. Most types of roofs need some attention and care through the year to keep them going for a long time. Lack of proper care can cause small leaks and cracks to expand and grow. They morph into major trouble makers which are tougher to fix.

Weather And Climate:

The weather and climate conditions of a particular area also have an impact when picking one from the different types of shingles out there. Damp and moist weather conditions are not suitable for wood shingles, too hot and high temperature differences in day and night conditions are not suited for asphalt shingles. Clay tiles are great for all types of moderate weather. Cement is also suited for most weather conditions. Solar panel shingles help generate electricity, so they should be place to catch most amount of sun. Slate is brittle and should be handled carefully when installing otherwise it gives home a classic look with its beautiful shades.

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