Types of Roofing Shingles – Your Options (Part 3)

This is the final part of the post on types of roofing shingles. Here are the other options you can choose from…


A naturally occurring rock which when mined and chipped into thin slivers is an excellent roofing material. It is expensive and used in high-end homes. It is also a long lasting material, fire-proof and insect-proof. It does not rot like wood. It is heavy and might need extra support when laying on roof frame. It can break when people walk on it making maintenance difficult.

Metal Roof

Metal roofs come in a number of types of roofing shingles. Copper, Aluminum, Galvalume are the most commonly used metals along with lead and zinc. Metals are long lasting, durable, easy to install, fire proof, impact proof. Today, many residences use standing seam metal roofing which gives home a very modern and chic look. They are painted in different colors and shades and can match any exterior décor. They are also available in shape of shingles or individual tiles with different shakes and textures. They are manufactured to mimic clay tiles, wood shakes, and other shingle styles.

Concrete Tile

With advances in technology concrete tiles have become a very versatile and simple roofing material that are light weight and are designed to look wood, slate and clay tiles. Fire resistant, impact resistant, immune to insects and are durable too. Concrete can also be explored as one of the roofing options.

We have explored several types of roofing shingles and there are more traditional and non-traditional roofing shingles in use around the country thatch, tar and gravel, modified bitumen and rubber. Choose one that meets your local needs, easy to maintain and long-lasting.

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