Types of Roofing Shingles – Your Options (Part 2)

Wood Shakes

With a higher budget you can choose wood shakes. These offer a natural look and add character to your room. No two wood shakes are the same. Each has its own color, thickness, width and grain. They are great as insulating materials. Wood does not absorb heat easily. The nature of wood allows the house to breathe and keep the air in circulation. The heat is not trapped in the attics as with other types of roofing. This is high maintenance roofing in places where there is rain and moisture all for long periods of time. Wood is vulnerable to mold, rot and insects find it a happy hunting ground. It is also not resistant to fire. Usually fire-retardants are sprayed on wood shakes to make them resistance to fire but this needs to be repeated often over the life of the wood shake. Some types of wood shingles are pressure-treated with fire retardants and these last longer. Installation is also complicated and needs skilled roofing contractors to do the job.

Clay Tile

The classic clay tiles are favored choice among many communities in southwestern part of the country. Also, homes with Spanish or Italian designs also go well with clay tiles. These are some of the best types of shingles as they are suitable for both cold and hot climates. They do great in medium weather conditions. The clay breathes and keeps the home cool in summers and warm in winters. The tiles don’t have the problems of wood shake like rotting, burning or insects boring holes in them. They need least amount of maintenance and available in range of colors, styles and brands too. They last a long time but as they are heavy they might need extra support on the roofing frame. Tiles that are baked in kilns have permanent colors. They are brittle and break if people walk on them, so cleaning is little difficult and so,is initial installation. The clay tiles are quite expensive.

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