Solar Roofing Shingles – Use Your Roof To Generate Free Electricity

Solar roofing shingles is one of most modern and advanced ways of generating electricity from our roof tops. Using flexible thin film photovoltaic cells manufacturers are fashioning roofing shingles. These shingles have been designed to do double duty – protect your home as well as convert sun’s energy into usable electricity. The power generated can help reduce your electricity consumption from the grid. Any excess power can always be sold back to the power company.

Photovoltaic cells embedded in roofing shingles are perhaps the most innovative energy solution that the industry has come up with. For long millions of consumers though eager to jump on the solar power bandwagon were put off by the thought of ugly looking solar panels cluttering up their roof-tops. Also, these roof top solar panels could void any warranty for the roofing shingles because of the conditions imposed by the makers of the shingles. So, the arrival of solar roofing shingles is like double delight for consumers.

These solar roofing shingles are non-polluting and have little impact on the environment. In a silent and steady fashion without any need for any fuel the cells absorb the light from sun to generate renewable power. Studies have shown that using solar powered shingles can reduce monthly electricity bills by 60 percent or more. That is significant saving – both for the environment and for your wallet.

In case your solar roofing shingles are generating more electricity than you can use, several states and power companies have facilities to buy back the excess power from you. In return when you need the electricity they supply it for free. The system called net metering only charges you for the extra power you use which is in excess of what you supplied to the grid.

If you are worried that solar roofing shingles may not be good protection for your roof, then you have no reason to feel that way. These building integrated photovoltaic shingles offer the same levels of longevity, protection, flexibility and versatility as asphalt shingles. They are visually very appealing and blend in with most types of roofing materials and colors. They have dark purplish tinge which merges beautifully with darker shades and adds a touch of contrast lighter shades of roofing. One more thing is that there is no need any extra protection underneath for these shingles. They are as sturdy and tough as normal shingles and can be used just like normal shingles.

The cost of installation is low and they are easily installed. There are no ugly looking wires sticking out as the wiring is integrated with the shingles which run underneath the shingles. They are light in weight. The solar roofing shingles are usually mounted to face south. This helps to maximize their energy generation potential. Even east and west facing provide up to 90 percent of energy generation potential. Depending on your energy needs you can buy enough solar roofing shingles to generate the electricity you need. It has been estimated that small homes will need 120 square feet of solar voltaic shingles while larger homes might need up to 1000 square feet.

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