Solar Roof Shingles – Exciting New Technology

Solar roof shingles are transforming the building industry. With innovation in technology adding complexity without significantly altering safety, strength or cost, this form of roofing shingles is set to become a hot trend that lasts well into the future.

Some information about solar roof shingles you may find helpful:

“Special forms of solar roof shingles called BIPVs (or building integrated photo voltaics) have brought new life to an intriguing concept in roof construction. BIPVs are made of solar cells integrated into slate, metal, cement and even asphalt roof shingles.

In photovoltaic cells, when sunlight strikes a semiconductor, it is transformed into electrical energy. A single tile may not generate much current. But even the BIPVs in a single solar roof shingle can create between 100 and 200 watts, which can power a single bulb or a small window fan.

The real power of solar roof shingles comes by serially linking up large numbers of these power generating units. Installed over old roofing or as a new alternative, the roof shingles have wires that must be hooked together and then tied into the building’s electrical mains. The energy generated during sunlight hours can be stored in a capacitor for later release, consumed immediately or even returned to the electrical company in exchange for a credit.”

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