Roofing Shingles for Your Roof

If your new roof is a steep-slope structure, one of the materials that goes into constructing it is shingles. Asphalt shingles are the most popular kind, and they are often reinforced with organic or fiberglass material. Fiberglass shingles are more popular in recent times and have a fiberglass mat with layers of asphalt above and below it, with mineral granules embedded within.

The three grades of asphalt shingles are based on their fire-resistant behavior. In appearance, they are textured and are resistant to mold, fungi and algae because of zine or copper granules which are embedded. Various color options are available.

Wood shingles and shakes made from cedar, redwood, pine and other woods are popular in certain parts of the country. While wood shingles are sawed with machines and look sleek, shakes are handmade and rougher. Fire hazards are the major drawback.

Tile roofing is durable and safe. Tile comes in various colors and finishes, and can be used to give a building a French or English look. In case you are re-roofing an old home, the weight of tile roofs is a factor to keep in mind.

Slate for your new roof will make it virtually indestructible. Slate is costlier and harder to install, making it a less attractive option except in certain pockets.

Metal roofing can also be an option for your new roof. Panels and shingles are used in metal roofs. Shapes and configurations are diverse. Metal roof shingles can mimic wood or tile shingles in appearance, and are many times more durable and fire resistant. Metal roofing is resistant to bad weather and can be aesthetically appealing as well.

Various synthetic roof products can also be considered as alternatives for your new roof. If you’re thinking of them, be sure to examine a sample of the kind you’re buying, and go through the manufacturer’s brochures carefully. Ask other home owners who have used it, or visit a building that has such a roof.

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