Roofing Shingles Colors – The Role of Shades

Shades of roofing shingles colors can match any building, design and decor. Versatile roofing materials are now available to fit the taste and orientation of any home owner. This short report about roofing shingles colors is worth checking out.

“The darker colored shingles help make a very tall building look less taller. White roofs give off a classic touch to any home and make it look at once light and airy. They can also help a low slung roof appear taller and brighter.

The flip side of white roofs is that they soon start looking grimy and dirty unless very religiously maintained. Unless you live in very clean and mild weather conditions whites may not be ideal. Darker shades also deteriorate faster.

If you choose dark colors then make sure that you have proper ventilation to prevent overheating of the roofs as this cause damage to the shingles. Also, white roofs are not that attractive even if they are energy efficient. So, go for light shades or shingles that have flecks of white in them. This have excellent reflection and are elegant too.”

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