Roofing Shingles Colors – Options Unlimited

Every roofing brand offers tons of choices when it comes to roofing shingles colors. From blacks and greys roofing shingles have come a long way. Today, they are available in every color imaginable from blues, greys, whites, blacks to greens and browns. In each color there are so many options to choose from that is sometimes confusing to pick one.

You might think that roofing shingles colors are not an important aspect of picking roofing shingles. But, the opposite is true. For shingles to truly last picking the right color of shingles is a major factor. In fact the very longevity of the shingles can be affected if you make a wrong choice of color.

Consider you local weather and climate. If you live in hot areas it makes sense to pick roofing shingles colors that have lighter shades. these lighter shades don’t absorb as much heat and light as dark colored shingles. Picking dark shingles can be a huge disaster for hot areas as the heat absorbed can raise the temperature of the shingles causing the asphalt to deteriorate. The shingles will be turn brittle and get damaged sooner than if you had picked lighter shades. It has been noted that shades of grey shingles with white flecks are the best for hot areas. The whites reflect and deflect light completely diffusing and preventing the heat build-up on the roof which is so detrimental to them.

For colder regions darker shades are preferred as the they absorb heat and help melt the ice faster. Even here darker shades flecked with white are more suitable as they help diffuse the light and prevent heat build-up. Roofs are the single-most noticeable feature of any home. Any visitor or passer-by looking at your home will notice it’s roof. So, it’s important to pick roofing shingles colors that complements your home’s exteriors. Clashing colors are a bad choice. Having attractive roofs increases the curb appeal of your home and if ever you put it up for sale it will find ready buyers.

Roofing shingles colors are not the only deciding criteria, the style and type of shingle also make an important difference to your home’s attractiveness. Fortunately, even in this there are many options to choose from. Asphalt roofing shingles of better quality and thickness called architectural shingles have dimensions and extra features unlike 3-tab shingles which appear flat and plain. There are laminated shingles which are premium shingles. These extra thick last longer than 3-tab shingles and more attractive too. They cost more than plain and simple asphalt shingles but compensate for it by their durability.

Most shingles manufacturers will offer online tools that help prospective homeowners to feed pictures of their homes into the tool and add different types of shingle and roofing shingles colors to see how your home appears in different styles and colors. With the help of this visual aid it is easier to make the right choice of color and style for your home. With so many choices on offer it is easy to find something that you like.

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