Roofing Shingle – The Different Types And Other Factors About Roofing Shingles

Picking a roofing shingle to cover their roofs is one of the most important investments that a homeowner is expected to make periodically to keep his home safe from external factors like snow, wind, sleet, rain, heat and sun. The roof covering not only makes the home look more attractive but also protects it from the elements. The market today is flooded with choices and any homeowner will find it mind-boggling to pick a product that matches their needs, fits their budget and also looks appealing to the eye.

Not because of any paucity of products. It’s other extreme in fact. Makers of roofing shingle and other roofing options know roofing is a must buy product for homeowners and most often price decides the choice of a roofing option. Recognizing this need they have developed products at every price point. You will find that your are spoiled for choice as there are so many brands, makes, types, designs and color options available.

The roofing shingles have overlapping elements which help keep them in place once they are laid. The rectangular strips are laid from bottom up on the roof and each shingle overlaps the next and each roofing shingle row is overlapped by the next row of shingles. Overlap is a very important design aspect of roofing as this prevents leaks and also helps anchor the shingles firmly to the roof without getting blown away in strong winds or rains.

Roofing shingles traditionally were made of slate, wood, wood shake, asbestos, cement, rubber, ceramic and other composite materials. As there is higher risk of fire with natural products like wood and paper, fiberglass based shingles have largely replaced them. Naturally available materials are more expensive, heavier and more difficult to lay. Newer options today look and feel like these traditional materials but with much better functionality.

You will find the following three different types of roofing shingles in the market today though some have gained in popularity and largely replaced the other options in roofing. With this short refresher you will be able to differentiate between the different roofing shingle options and make intelligent buying decisions for your home.

Strip Roofing Shingle

Strip shingles are the original roofing shingle that was widely used a few decades back. It is a basic shingle with a single layer of roofing material. It is generally modeled on slate and is still used by builders of economy homes. Homeowners looking to replace their previous strip shingles also purchase these products. They are extremely light-weight and flat in appearance. As technology and product quality has improved most homeowners have moved on to better quality and longer lasting options.

Dimensional Roofing Shingles

The dimensional roofing shingles are also known as architectural shingles or laminated shingles. This have replaced strip shingles as the most popular type of roofing in North America. These shingles are manufactured in two-layers or multiple-layers. The products have a much more robust and full-bodied look. They are richer in appearance and due to their thicker size they last much longer. The makers of these shingles also offer longer warranties as the product is made to last. 30-years or more warranty for these shingles are not unheard of.

Laminated Roofing Shingles

Laminated shingles are also known as premium shingles as they manufactured to the best industry standards and offer better functionality. They are designed with a differentiated appearance that adds a dimension to your roofs. Made to look like natural roofing products like slate, wood, wood shake or tiles, the laminated shingles mimic traditional roofs. This roofing shingle offers an ideal mix of the natural look and feel with none of its short-comings.

Laminated shingles are manufactured to be impact, wind and fire resistant. They are also immune to mold, fungi and mildew. Modern shingles come with flecks of white which offer better light reflectivity. This makes the home much more energy efficient and helps in lower energy bills for the homeowner. Naturally, this is one of most sought after roofing option as its offer better function and longer life. The laminated and dimensional look also makes the roof very attractive and aesthetically appealing.

Asphalt is the most popular roofing shingle that is used by most North American homes. It is relatively light-weight, simple to install and lasts a long time. Buy roofing shingles that is guaranteed to last for at least 25 years.

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