Roof Shingles – Fixing Roof Problems

Roof shingles need timely and regular maintenance for a long trouble free life. It is one of the most important features of a home that literally protects you from external factors. It keeps you and your belongings safe, warm and dry. If you find any leaks, signs of water damage, wear or rotting take immediate action. Call a trusted roofer to help fix the problems.

If the water seeps under the roof shingles it will start damaging the wooden planks underneath which will rot and cause bigger problems. If you tend to neglect these small problems you will end up with major expenses later on. You will end up spending thousands of dollars later on to replace the whole roof and the sheathing underneath which arises due to the small problem you ignored earlier.

Home maintenance is an ongoing process. Roof repair and maintenance tops the list of the most important tasks in your to-do list. Every homeowner who has neglected to nix roof leaking problems in the bud has ended up spending a lot more in money and also time and effort in re-roofing later. Roof shingles for the whole roof area can cost you a pretty penny. As they say for want of a nail a kingdom was lost.

If the last time you laid roof shingles was 20 years ago, then it is time to replace it. Research your options well and based on how long you plan to live in the home, your budget and your local area needs. Only homes with steep pitches or very old roof need professional maintenance and repairs. Shallow pitched homes, flat roofs and relatively new roofs can easily be maintained by homeowners themselves.

Basically the three most common problems most homeowners face with their roof shingles are – replacing a damaged shingles, fixing a curled shingles, repairing cracked shingles. Safety is the most important consideration when it comes to roof shingles repair. So, if you have any doubts about your ability to work on heights then call for help. Steep or even shallow slopes can be slippery in any weather and should not be attempted on wet days. It should not be attempted in the mornings when roof is likely to moist with dew or in the evenings when the light is failing.

Take up your roof shingle or roof repair project on a warm, sunny and dry afternoon. When the weather is right the shingles are also supple and flexible. They won’t easily crack or break when handled by you.

Replacing Damaged Roof Shingles:

Make a visual inspection of your roof. If there are parts of shingles missing then they need replacement. All you need to do is take out the old shingle and replace it with a brand new full shingle. If you have a box of left-over shingles from your last roof job, you are in luck. Else, buy shingles that are same as your old shingles or nearest match to old roof shingles. Stores sell shingles in roof squares which are about 100 square feet and will cost about $15-$20 dollars.

To replace the damaged roof shingles you will need a prying tool, knife, hammer and roofing nails. As the old shingle is secured using 4 nails plus the nails from the shingles from the row above and below also go through this shingle, you have to use your prying tool to gently lift the shingle to reveal the nails underneath. Remove the nails one by one. Use small amount of force the eight nails out. Too much force can damage a lot more roof shingles than what you bargained for.

To remove the nails slip your tool under the damage roof shingles and gently jerk it upwards. As the nail comes out a little, press the shingle down and pull out the nail. Just keep doing the same thing till you have removed all the nails on that particular roof shingle. Now, pry the shingle directly above the damaged shingle upwards and remove the nails that are keeping the damaged shingle in place. Repeat the process for all the eight nails. Once the eight nails are out yank out the damaged shingle.

Brittle shingles make the job harder as you will be cracking roof shingles when removing the nails. So, instead of removing the nails cut V-notches around the nails on the damaged shingle and remove it. Now place your new shingle in the place of old and secure it with 4 new nail leaving the old ones in place.

Cracked Roof Shingles Repair

Cracked and torn shingles are easily fixed. No need to replace them. A little sealant is all you need. Apply a thick layer of roofing sealant under the cracked shingle. Press the torn shingle on to the sealant. Apply a second layer of sealant on top of the shingle. Spread the sealant around using a putty knife to get even coverage. Now, don’t be worried that your fix can be seen from afar. If you look in the gutters of your roof you will granules from your roof shingles that have washed out. Collect them and apply them to the glued shingle area. This effectively covers up the work you have done. It’s a simple and easy task to mask the repair and as easy to fix the problem in the first place.

Fixing Curled Roofing Shingles

Due to age and the effects of rain and sun some of the older asphalt shingles will curl with age. They will start curling at the corners either upwards or downwards. If you notice this problem then fix it immediately to prevent the whole shingle from curling and damaging the surrounding roof shingles. Straighten out the shingle and stick it to the roof using a strong glue.

A caulking gun is used to apply a bit of roofing sealant under the curled corner. Put a heavy object like brick on top of the shingle once it is glued down. Leave it in place for about a day to two before removing the brick. This helps the sealant to dry and seal the shingle in place.

These minor repairs when undertaken during your regular roof maintenance every month or two will keep your roof shingles going for a long time with out needing replacement before it’s guaranteed life-span ends.

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