Roof Shingles Cost – The Cost Of Shingles For Your Roof

Homeowners interested in finding about roof shingles cost don’t have to go far. The most popular roofing material used in most of North America is asphalt. This is seen on almost 90 percent of roofs in USA. As it is a reasonably priced and roofing option suited to most weather conditions homeowners prefer it to cover their homes. Choosing other roofing options can be very expensive and cost 5-6 times the price of asphalt shingles. These costlier roofing solutions might last longer but not many homeowners have the money to spend fifty thousands on getting a new roof. Asphalt shingles are available for much lower price and for that money are quite long lasting.

Asphalt shingles cost around 80 cents to one dollar twenty cents per square foot. The price usually reflects quality of the product. Top notch quality commands high prices and they also last longer and are more attractive too. They give better performance over the course of their life giving you lesser problems than the low quality shingles. Expensive shingles have better longevity and will last 25-30 years compared to 15-20 for ordinary shingles.

Anyone considering roofing should be familiar with the term square. It is equal to 100 square feet area. Roof shingles cost is usually quoted in square. Roofing contractors and stores usually quote prices for roofs either laying, removing or buying in terms of square. If you can comfortably walk on your roof – low to medium pitch roof, the average cost quoted by roofing contractors for such a roof will be around $100 to $200 dollars per square for shingles. Laying costs will be separate and varies depending on location. The price of removal of old shingles per square for a medium pitch roof ranges from $175 to $250.

To arrive at the cost of installing a new asphalt roof add up the roof shingles cost and the cost of labor and you will a number somewhere between $250 to $450 per square. An average home in America measures about 40 feet x 60 feet. This will give you an area of 2400 square feet. To get the number of square, just divide 2400 by 100 and you get 24 square. So the cost of laying shingles will work out to around $6000 to $10,800. If you get your roofing done by a professional this is the average cost you will end up paying.

Points To Remember

If you are outsourcing your whole roofing job to a contractor make sure they are using quality branded asphalt shingles from reputed companies lie CertainTeed or GAF. The good quality shingles last on average 10 years more than poor quality shingles.

You can check out the prices and number of years a shingles will last. This will be found marked along side the shingles in most websites of the stores selling them. Check out the Home
Depot store to know more about this. The year ratings are a significant number that will give you an idea how many the particular roof is expected to last. Paying a little more upfront can save you from having to spend on another roof for another 10 years or so. Make sure you read up all the warranty conditions that come along with your roof and also make sure the roofer is following those mentioned as may companies null and void the warranty if the shingles are not laid according to their instructions.

If you already have a couple of layers of shingles on your roof most roofing companies will remove them before laying a new layer. The removal and disposal of old shingles will cost you money. The roof shingles cost will usually not include these costs.

If you have a sloping roof, then the square footage of the roof will be higher than that of area of the home. So, the roof shingles cost will be calculated taking into consideration the pitch considerations. For example a 1500 square foot area home will have 2100 square foot roof area for a low-medium pitch home. Also, there will wastage in any roofing project, overlaps will need to be taken into consideration. Extra shingles for ridges and valleys, edges and corners and other joints have to be factored into the roof shingles cost. Usually a wastage of 15 percent is accepted standard practice in roofing projects.

Now, more complicated roofs the percentage of wastage will proportionately go up. The complex roof with hips, vents, chimneys, dormers and other complexities not only add to increased roof shingles cost, but also in increased wastage and labor. The roofer will have to spend extra time and effort to lay the shingles the right way to prevent leakages and seepage through the many edges and joints. The higher roof laying costs is also applicable to steep roofs where roofers need to use to safety equipment and other specialized ladders to lay the roof.

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