Roof Replacement Calculator – Finding The Cost Of Replacing Roofs

A roof replacement calculator helps find the approximate cost of replacing practically any residential roofing project. Remember that price of roofing changes with the type of roofing chosen, the area of roof, pitch of the roof and any complexities associated with the roof like dormers, chimneys, hips and so on. The more complex a roof the higher the cost of replacing it.

Factors Taken Into Consideration

The more difficult roofs need to be worked on by skilled professionals with specialized skills, experience. They need special tools, insurance to cover any liabilities and cover workers compensation claims. The roof replacement calculator usually takes into account all these factors when arriving at final approximate number.

Values To Enter

Here are the values that need to be fed into the roof replacement calculator – the roof area as measured from the ground, the pitch of the roof, the difficulty level of the roof, roofing material of choice, does the existing roof need to be removed and disposed. Using these number the tool gives a quote that will give you a general idea about what to expect when going for roof replacement.

Other Roofing Calculators Tools

There are several specialized tools to calculate the quantity of roofing materials to order, the roof pitch calculator, the roof area calculator and so on. These tools are available as apps on smart phones like iPhone and Android phones. These are available in the professional versions too and can be bought for a small fee. Using this tool you can pre-set roofing material prices, labor costs, roof difficulty options, number of skylights, chimneys and vents to get easy to access answers when at client location. These are great tools for roofing contractors who can instantly calculate the numbers and present it to the client for faster decision making.

A Professional’s Friend

The roof replacement calculator has many benefits especially for a roofer. They can expect increased sales due to the almost instantaneous roof estimation that you can provide – estimate any roofing job in just a few minutes after measuring dimensions and pitch of roof and give the client instant roof repair estimate. Plus it gives the roofer much useful information like total cost of roof materials needed for the project, cost of labor, estimate of roof area, length of roof ridge and hips if any.

The roof replacement calculator needs certain vital inputs from the roofer to compute the cost of roof replacement. The length and width of the roof have to be input in feet, the roof pitch (select from the options provided), enter the complexity of roof factor, (if it is a simple gable roof then complexity is stated as simple, if it has skylights or dormers, towers or any complicated shape then it is complex to very complex roof). Select from the provided menu to enter the value in the box provided, select the roofing material you wish to use and arrive at the value of the roofing price. It is simple to input different type of roofing material to compare the cost difference between different roofing types.

Removal And Disposal Costs

If your roof already has 2-3 layers of shingles on it, then you need to completely rip them off before installing the new roof. The rip off and disposal of old roofing material will cost you in labor and disposal to safe and designated disposal spots. This figures can also be computed using the roof replacement calculator at your disposal.

Assumptions Made

All the pricing figures given out by the roof replacement calculator is based on the assumption that you will employ a professional and trained roofer who follows all the safe and correct industry standards and follows the rules set down by local and building authorities. It assumes that your roofer has the required insurance and liability coverage for workers. It also assumes that the roofer uses all safety equipment when working on complex and steep roofs.

Using The Tool

To use the tool measure the length and breadth of the building. Make sure you take into account any overhang of the roof edges/eaves to get accurate floor area of the roof. Keep a pen and paper ready to note all the lengths and breadths that you measure. Better to sketch to rough scale the roof of your home and note all the measurements on it. Measure it all in feet. If you a low pitch roof where it is possible to walk on the sloped roof then you have to input “low” in the pitch box of the calculator, if the slope is medium risky, where you can walk on the roof but it can be risky then input medium in the roof replacement calculator, if it is too steep to walk in then input “steep” in the tool.

To estimate the complexity of the roof, again take a look at the roof and count the number of sides. If you have only two sides only then it is simple gable roof, if there are four sides then it is hip roof and it is considered complex which needs more roofing material and time to do than a gable roof. If you have lot of roofing elements like hips, chimneys, dormers etc then the complexity and wastage factor of roofing material also increases. So, the cost also increases for roof replacement.

When using the roof replacement calculator you need to keep in mind the location and the local prices of roofing materials and labor costs. You can pre-set these numbers and save it for use when at the client location.

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