Replace Roof Shingles Yourself – By Following This Guide

As per the, it is a basic operation to replace a shingle and takes approximately 5 minutes. I tried it and as it turned out, it was not so simple. First, it requires some expertise to align at the right angle on the roof to do a good job.

This is a very important aspect of the repair as the person attempting the repair has to be positioned comfortably and securely. A drop from the roof is not the best of things to happen! Once the person has secured himself or herself to a respectable and comfortable position, it is time to start handling the tools. The tools required for replacing a shingle are as follows:-

· Flat pry bar to lift the shingle

· Hammer

· Nails

· Razor Knife

· Adhesive

That’s it!

You can learn more about how to replace roof shingles, and any other necessary tools and instruments to help with it.

By Steven Briesemeister

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