IKO Roof Shingles – Installation Tips and Durability Issues

IKO roof shingles are one of the popular brands of asphalt roof shingles, which are among hte most popular kinds of roof covering solutions. They are inexpensive, instllation is easy, and quite durable. These asphalt shingles are available in many different colors, and complement most color schemes and are suitable for a variety of buildings.

IKO roof shingles may be fiberglass based or laminated or shale shingles. All you need to do is pick one kind from a catalog, and follow installation guidelines.

If you’re planning to install IKO roof shingles yourself, first take the right measurements. Estimate the area of your roof, by measuring the length and breadth of your building. Divide the square footage by 100, and then multiply this figure by 3 to get the number of IKO shingle bundles you’ll likely need. Make sure you order a little extra to cover accidents, mistakes and waste.

You’ll first have to make sure your roof’s infrastructure doesn’t have any damage. If it does, fix it. Then lay the under-layer that’s made of tar paper, felt or anything else that is compatible with IKO roof shingles. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, taking care to overlap each sheet by 2 inches, and fastening it securely using a staple gun.

Then, start laying the IKO asphalt shingles. Use 4 fasteners per shingle. Start with the eaves first. Make a base layer, then lay the shingles from the bottom uphill. Use roofing nails that are recommended, and hammer them in with a nail gun. To ensure that you’re doing a neat job, mark out the lines in chalk and then lay the shingles along those marks. Check to see if the instructions on the package suggest any specific guidelines.

Once you’ve covered the entire roof, trim any overhang and cut the shingles with tin snips. Place ridge caps on the peak, and fix them in place in the same way you did for the other shingles.

One thing to keep in mind before you make up your mind about using IKO roof shingles is that some home-owners have expressed problems they’ve had after five years or so. If you search for discussion forums on the topic of roofing, you’ll find some posts sharing experiences with cracks and fissures that may require you to prepare in a specific way.

Some professional roofers also feel these shingles are too flimsy, and sometimes the packs ship with shingles stuck together. To ensure that you don’t get stuck, read up detailed articles on how to guard against asphalt shingle roof failure or defects. This is information you need to take advantage of warranty claims and protect yourself against deceptive selling proactices.

IKO roof shingles include many different brands like Armorshake, Cambridge LT, Crowne Slate and Marathon lines. Picking the right kind of shingle for your home is as important as finding the right contractor to install it for you. In both, look for exceptional standards in durability and performance. That way, you’ll enjoy a nice roof that enriches the appearance of your home.

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