Discount Roofing Shingles – Get Cheap And Good Quality Shingles

Discount roofing shingles are available for bulk purchasers. Generally, when a roofing contractor has two or more homes which need similar or same type of roofing needs he can negotiate good deals from the dealers of roofing shingles. Sometimes the roofer passes on the discount to his customer and gets their goodwill or he retains the difference as part of his profit.

When the manufacturer is discontinuing a line of roofing shingles they will generally offer the remaining stocks on a discount. So, these discount roofing shingles are actually a great buy. Most makers of shingles offer year-end sales and season-end sales. So, if you have home to re-roof it might be a good idea to look for these deals to replace your old shingles.

There is one more way to get discount roofing shingles. If your neighbors are also thinking of replacing their roofs it might be a great idea to get together with more than one neighbor and buy same type of shingles for a lower price. Dealers who offer bulk purchase discounts to roofing contractors will surely pass on the lower price offer to you.

Generally, it is not a great idea to directly approach the manufacturers for discounts. They will not offer such a price cut as they don’t like to undercut their dealers. If dealers come to know about it they won’t be happy and might stop selling the products of a particular company. The dealers themselves have more leverage when it comes to offering discounts. So, you may be better off negotiating a deal with them.

Don’t buy brittle, broken or damaged shingles just because they are on a discount. These discounted shingles won’t last long and you will end up wasting a lot of money replacing them a few years down the line. Sometimes it is wiser to pay a little extra upfront to have years of trouble free life. Shingles and re-roofing are both a little expensive. Trying to cut corners by looking for cheap deals may end up becoming a very costly affair.

There are wholesalers who deal with most big brand names like Owens Corning Shingles, Timberline Roofing Shingles, GAF Roof Shingles, Certainteed Roofing Products, Tamko, Monier Tiles, Malarkey Roofing Shingles and Hanson Tile. Depending on your roofing choice which can be asphalt, membrane roofing, slate roofing, EPDM rubber roofing, clay tiles or cement tiles you can pick a particular maker and find if they have any discount roofing shingles on offer.

If you are able to combine more than one service like roofing installation, removal of old roofing shingles, equipment rentals and other logistics the company selling the shingles might throw in a discount to get your business. So, try and combine larger projects to get bigger discounts not only shingles but also the entire project. Bigger the project bigger the discount you can negotiate with the company. It also is convenient for you to get all the work done at one go provided you have the required financing for the project.

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