Components of Your New Roof

A new roof is a major investment. Not to mention a lot of work, stress and decision-making. If you want to get a quality new roof system installed by qualified professionals at a price that’s fair, then this homeowner’s guide to a new roof system will be of some help and guidance.

Steep slope roofs have five components in common.

1. Roof coverings which may be of tile, shingles, metal or slate, under which there is a cementing material that keeps the cover from being damaged by extreme weather.

2. Sheathing that’s made of board or sheets which are anchored to the rafters and cover the entire building.

3. Scaffolding or Roof Structure which is the framework of rafters, trusses and shafts which support the other elements of your new roof.

4. Flashing is the metal sheet or similar material that seals joints and depressions in the roof, preventing water seeping through.

5. Draining is important to help the roof shed water, and involves factors like the roof’s shape, slope and layout.

How To Select a New Roof?

Many factors will enter the decision making process about your new roof. Your budget for the construction is the most important. Durability of your new roof is another. But you must also consider the look, style and architecture of your roof. An ideal new roof system will cover all these elements and arrive at a happy combination.

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