Architectural Metal Roofing – A Renaissance in Roofing Technology

When a home owner might consider architectural metal roofing in the past, it was typically for a simple, cheap solution for the shed or garage or outhouse. Metal roofs were tinny, looked ugly and met a purely functional need at affordable cost.

Not today, when architectural metal roofing has improved by leaps and bounds to become a high-end solution that only upscale and style conscious home owners with a bigger budget are flocking towards. Architectural metal shingles are available in different shapes, colors and styles to match any kind of building and neighborhood. You can pick designs that match the shake or shingle look, or even tile and slate looks.

Architectural metal siding matching in color and design gives that elegant and classy look to any metal roof that makes it increasingly desirable in upscale neighborhoods. The different architectural metal roofing components like siding, shingles and caps come in various kinds of metal and with varying degrees of durability.

Steel is the cheapest, while aluminum is a bit more expensive and copper is the costliest architectural metal roofing material. Steel is heavy, but comes with granules that give your roof a nice appearance. Aluminum is rugged and sturdy, but quite light in weight, making it a popular choice for decorative metal roofing. It too comes in various shakes, shingles, tiles and slate patterns to match the rest of your building.

Copper architectural metal roofing shingles are the most expensive, and because of the rarity of this semi-precious metal you rarely see new copper metal roofing. The price is exorbitant and other metal roofing is just as attractive and versatile.

So what about the drawbacks of using architectural metal roofing? It used to be that people worried about the noisy home roofed with metal whenever there was rain or hail, but not any longer. Modern decorative metal roofing not only is quieter, it also offers high resistance ratings to fire and so can end up lowering your insurance expenses.

Also metal roofing is protected against mold and mildew, and it is incredibly fire resistant. Snow slides off and you don’t have any higher risk of a lightning strike. The only major drawback is the price, and aluminum and steel roofing material even circumvents this problem.

It isn’t surprising any more that people looking to invest $50,000 into a new roof for their homes are taking a closer look at a choice like architectural metal roofing that they might have rejected out of hand just a few decades back for being “too tinny” or “ugly looking”.

Architectural metal roofing is the ugly duckling that has turned into an attractive swan! And as we arrive upon a renaissance in roofing technology, architectural metal roofing materials that neighbors are using will begin to influence the minds of home owners, leading to an increasing trend towards metal roofing solutions.

There’s a growing demand for well applied roofing materials that meet rigid quality standards, and metal roofing fits the bill nicely. That’s why you’ll see metal roofs more often than other conventional roofing materials in areas like historic Georgetown.

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