Advantages and Benefits of Architectural Roof Shingles

Architectural shingles are thicker than regular ones. The weight, per square, is considerably higher for this roofing material. This provides additional durability and manufacturers happily extend their warranties in the certainty that they won’t be forced to pay for repairs or damages. Indeed the heavier the shingle, the longer the warranties that vendors offer.

There is one more serious advantage to architectural roofing shingles – their resistance to disfigurement and discoloration from algae, fungi and mosses. Asphalt architectural shingles are designed to hide or mask this common bugbear of aesthetics – the black streams along the roof caused by infestations. More commonly seen in wet climates with heavy rain, snow or greater humidity, they can detract from the appeal of your new roof or entire building. Architectural roof shingles impregnated with copper and zinc granules interfere with the growth of algae and fungi. This prevents discoloration over time, keeping your roof looking new and attractive for many years.

The benefits of architectural roofing extend to better fire resistance and wind resistance. Their greater thickness greatly reduces the chance of being blown off in heavy winds. These shingles also don’t tear off or wrinkle easily and can tolerate extremes of weather. Granulating the surface layer of architectural shingles enhances the fire resistance, as does the use of fiberglass in the shingle itself. Most of these shingles are rated at the highest level of fire safety, Class A.

To sum up the benefits and advantages of architectural roof shingles, they are visually appealing, create a beautiful multi-dimensional effect on your roof, and are constructed to last longer while reducing the chance of algae, fungi and moss growth, and enhanced fire and wind safety.

Architectural Roof Shingles Brands

Some of the most popular brands of architectural roof shingles include:

GAF Timberline Roof Shingles – These are among the most popular architectural roof shingles in the market today. Timberline shingles provide a delightful natural wood look, and are backed by the reliability and brand of America’s most popular shingle retailer. Usually these shingles come with a lifetime warranty.

Tamko Heritage Roof Shingles – These are a good, long-lasting kind of architectural shingle, and are well known for their ‘shadow tone’ effect that enhances the depth perception of roofs lending a 3D look and feel to your building.

Certainteed Landmark Shingles – These are slightly more expensive than other brands, but come with an extended warranty and are of top class construction value. In most respects, Certainteed architectural roof shingles are comparable to GAF Timberline, and there is little to choose between both brands.

When it comes to decision-making time, often the hardest choice isn’t whether or not to get these shingles. Architectural roof shingles are a grand choice for anyone looking for a solution that enhances the appearance, value and reliablity of their building’s roof. The difficult part can be in choosing the color and texture that you want – because there are simply so many choices to pick from!

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