What Influences Metal Roofing Prices?

Metal roofing prices have traditionally scared home owners – and with good reason. Among the most costly home repair and improvement procedures is the replacement or installation of a new roof. However, ignoring these repairs when they become necessary can end up putting a deeper dent in your pocketbook. That’s why it becomes essential for home owners to research roofing options carefully as soon after they are advised (or realize) that their roof needs replacing.

Metal roofing prices notwithstanding, metal roofing is gaining popularity as a replacement choice. It is true that metal roofing prices can be up to three times higher than other alternatives like asphalt roofing. But still some home owners who are focused on the longer term cost savings of metal roofing pick it as their first choice.

Metal roofing prices will vary slightly depending upon geography, nature of metal and cost of labor in the area. On average, a fair estimate may be between $350 and $600 per square (a square being 100 square feet, in roofing terms). Usually metal roofing prices are quoted for materials, but labor and installing expenses run extra.

Metal roofing materials come in the form of tiles or shingles. These are durable, attractive in appearance, lightweight and long lasting. The shingles or tiles are made of copper, aluminum, steel, and zinc. Even the least expensive form of metal shingles will last for 25 to 30 years, making it nearly twice as durable as asphalt shingle roofing. Aluminum-zinc alloy roofing is much stronger and can last up to a century.

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