Types of Roofing Shingles – An Outline

Fire resistance, impact resistance, wind resistance make an impact on choice of your shingles. Your local council codes will determine what are the safe standards for your geographic area based on data collected over the years. These standards help keep the local residents safe in times of storms, high winds, hail and heavy snowfall. So, choose shingles that are both suited to your type of weather and which also meet all safety standards.

Types Of Shingles – Slate

Slate tiles are a classic choice expensive and exclusive. They are heavy and difficult to handle. Also, because of rarity of use there are very few qualified roofing contractors doing this job which needs skill and expertise. Otherwise it is a beautiful and long lasting. It is completely fire-proof and an environment friendly option.

Types of Shingles – Wood

Wood shingles or Cedar shingles were a popular roofing option in the last century. They are long lasting and give homes a nice rustic charm or clean sophisticated look. These shingles though have fallen out of favor because of their high fire risk and also because under moist conditions they curl, warp and rot over time.

Types Of Shingles – Asphalt

Asphalt is the most popular roofing option in North America. Over 80 percent of homes in America use asphalt because of its economical, durable a easy to install. The shingles are light-weight and available in hundreds of colors, shades, textures and brands. Architectural roofing shingles and composite shingles are variations of asphalt and have even more options. They are available in every price point to suite every budget. They last from 10-15 years.

Types of Shingles – Metal

Metal is another option gaining a lot of popularity because of its versatility. It’s light weight, durable and long lasting. Easy to install and available in variety of colors and textures. It is more expensive than asphalt.

Types Of Shingles – Solar

Solar panel shingles are one of the most innovative and green ideas that have come out of years of research to make solar technology more popular among the masses. As the solar shingles can be easily integrated with the normal asphalt shingles without marring the appearance of the home and at the same generating enough electricity to power most needs of the home it is become readily acceptable to folks around the country. It is more expensive than normal shingles but it pays for itself of the course of its life. The color and shading of the solar shingles go well with any dark colored asphalt roofing.

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