Solar Roof Shingles – Attractive, Effective, Environment Friendly

Solar roof shingles come in the form of interlocking tiles that give a streamlined appearance to your building and an elegant look to your roof. The solar tiles are designed to match the style and architecture of any building. Traditionally, solar panels were made so that they would sit atop the roofing shingles. Modern solar roof shingles have the panels incorporated within the shingles, in an integrated fashion.

Why are solar roof shingles so appealing to home owners? Well, think about the electricity meter in your building spinning backwards! That’s what can happen with solar shingles. When the photovoltaic cells in your roof generate current from sunlight, the excess that’s beyond your needs can be fed back into the grid of your power company, in return for credits against your consumption.

Solar roof shingles have a seamless design and structure, allowing interlocking that prevents leaks. The panels are lightweight and are manufactured with the latest solar technology. These solar roof shingles are low maintenance and come with 25 year warranty from manufacturers.

One of the main reasons home owners consider installing solar roof shingles is the cost savings it engenders through creating electricity from sun power. These are especially popular in sunny states like California. Another reason is that the government pays rebates of up to $20,000 for installing solar powered roofs. Check up on incentives in your local region to take full advantage of them.

Solar powered homes can reduce your electricity bill and provide a big return on a modest investment into green energy solutions. By reducing your reliance on fossil fuels that are growing more expensive and relying instead on solar power that is abundant, clean and free solar roof shingles are revolutionizing the building industry in a way nothing else has in recent times.

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