Solar Panel Roof Shingles – Your Green Roofing System

Solar panel roof shingles are the answer to all your prayers for clean and green energy without any ugly looking solar panels on your roof. Manufacturers have been trying for ways to integrate the roof systems with solar panels and have come up with solar shingles. These are not only aesthetically appealing but also produce useful solar energy that can be used to power your various appliances and heat for your home needs.
With this latest innovation homeowners no longer have to install huge solar panels on their roofs in order to tap into the green energy provided by the Sun. Instead the photovoltaic cells that are embedded in their roofing shingles will do all the work of the solar panels. Once, the initial cost of installation of the solar panel roof shingles is over you will be in position to make use of essentially green energy that is produced free of cost. Also, there are no noticeable panels jutting up on your roof.
These solar shingles have been available for quite some time. But, it was not easy to install them. They had to lay it in a certain way and then the wiring had to be integrated with the electrical system in the home. All this involved a lot of work and only the very committed green energy enthusiasts would opt for it.
Today a lot of research and development has gone into the making of solar panel roof shingles. They are lot easier to install and look more appealing too. The solar roofing shingles are also a lot more durable making them an attractive option to install instead of regular roofing systems.
Earlier versions of solar panels roof shingles were very prominent because of their thickness and size. They had to be placed in groups and their thickness and texture were different to regular shingles. When installed they would stand out. Today, thinner versions made of steel are available. Also, a lot more attention to aesthetics has been paid by the makers. So, you get a choice of several colors and shades. This will help your solar shingles to be placed along with normal shingles and it will blend right in with the surrounding roofing system.
Manufacturers have learnt from their earlier mistakes. To make the solar panel roof shingles more acceptable they have designed the solar shingles to look and feel like regular panels. They have also made the nailing pattern similar to the regular versions. This means that any roof layer can install it. You don’t need any expert to lay the special solar shingles. This reduces the cost of installation of the solar roof shingles dramatically.
Yet, another change in design means the wiring of the roof solar shingles runs through the roofing material itself and there are no unsightly wires sticking out of the roofing. Whatever connections need to be done can be made in the attic. This allows for clean finish and look. Nothing mars the aesthetic appeal of your roof.
The solar panel roof shingles are not as efficient in producing electricity as regular solar panels but, as technology improves, this efficiency is only getting better. The benefits provided by the installed solar panels are that they give sufficient electricity to run electric bulbs and other appliances. You save a percentage of your electricity bills and as days goes by this situation will only improve.

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