Roof Shingles Prices – How Costly Does Roof Replacement Get?

Roof shingles prices have an impact on the overall cost of roof replacement, but other factors such as professional charges, roofing material and nature of the roof also have a role to play. Roofing prices range across a wide figure because of these reasons. A roof replacement is not something to be undertaken lightly and without much planning and research.

A very similar project for homes with nearly identical footage can cost as much as 100% higher because of variables such as the pitch and slope of the roof, the presence of chimneys, skylights and gables, and others.

While roof shingles prices are standard and easily accessed from manufacturer’s websites, there is considerable difficulty in arriving at an estimate for a roof replacement cost. Without knowing specific details about a particular building, it is practically impossible to make a roofing estimate. In homes with simple roofs, the real cost may be closer to the lower end of the spectrum. For more complex roofs, the cost may run even higher. This is despite the roof shingles prices being about the same for both roofs.

For common asphalt composite shingles roofing the cost of professional installation runs to between $1,500 and $8500 while the self-installation expenses could be between $900 and $3,500. However, do it yourself roofing is only for experienced people who know the risks and have the wherewithal to install a roof themselves.

Home owners are strongly advised to be well informed about roof shingles prices and other elements of roof modification or replacement before they embark upon a re-roofing project. If you hire a contractor to work on your roof, it pays to make sure they are licenced, insured and reliable before doing anything with them. For more about roof shingles prices check out this article.

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