Metal Roofing Prices & Re-Roofing

Let’s say you’re looking to have your present building re-roofed. With most other forms of roofing, you will either need to rip off the existing roof (which costs you for the labor), or strengthen the underlayment to support the higher load of the new roof, which again adds to the expense. Metal roofing prices, though high, will save you this cost. You can lay a metal roof over an existing roof without doing anything extra.

Because metal roofing is light, the existing structure of your roof can easily support the additional load. And whatever you save from removing an existing roof or enhancing the structure is offset against the metal roofing prices for the material.

Metal roofing is ordered by the piece. The roofing contractor who installs your roof will cut the material to fit your dimensions. The installation process is rather complex and requires skills and experience which is what adds to metal roofing prices. Labor costs are higher and the time taken to add a metal roof is nearly twice as long as for other shingle roofs. The work is more difficult, and skilled workers are rarer, all of which means the installation expense of metal roofs will be higher.

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