Metal Roof Shingles – Why Metal Is Better As Roofing Material?

Metal roof shingles are gaining in popularity even though they lag behind other roofing options in terms of adoption by homeowners. The main reason behind the lower adoption being the high price of metal roofing options. Also, many homeowners associate metal roofs with barns and garages. They associate them with loud pinging noises when it rains or when there is a hail storm. It is no longer the case. Properly padded metal roofs make pretty much the same noise as any other roof during a rain storm.

Roof being the most important part of a home the decision to buy one needs to be done with care and deliberation. The roof protects your home from harsh weather, rain, sleet, snow, wind and hail. The choice of a roof is largely dependent on on your local climate and weather conditions. Two of the most commonly used roofing materials in the residential space are asphalt and steel. Composition shingles or asphalt shingles are the most affordable and hence widely used. A homeowner who is considering his/her options when replacing an old roof needs to consider whether to go in for metal roof shingles or asphalt shingles.

Asphalt shingles have cornered the roofing market in North America. About 80 percent of homes and buildings are covered by composition or asphalt shingles. The reason as already mentioned is because of they are so cheap and the choices available are mind-boggling. You can get asphalt shingles in every color, texture, design and price point.

You can opt for the flat, plain shingles which is the cheapest to the more appealing dimensional shingles that offer a more rugged and richer look to the roofs. Most composition shingles comes with a fiberglass core coated with asphalt on the outside. The core gives it flexibility and fire-resistance. The asphalt protects its from vagaries of weather. This has a life time from 15-30 years. You can choose from cedar wood shake shingle look or slate shingle look or even metal shingle look. The makers of these shingles have designed their products to appeal to every section of the population.

Only recently has metal roof shingles caught up with asphalt in terms of the choices available. The makers of metal shingles have started offering their products to match the needs and desires of their market place instead of one size fits all approach of earlier days. Today, it is possible to get metal shingles that resemble wood or slate shingles just like asphalt. Metal is naturally fire-resistant and rugged. It lasts for a life-time and does not need replacement like asphalt if cared for properly.

Unlike asphalt shingles which are susceptible to algae growth metal is immune to algae, fungus, mold and mildew. While asphalt shingles will need an anti-fungal coating metal needs no such protection. The extra coating is expensive but, it gives the home a nice and brand new look if you are opting for composition shingles. Metal roof shingles are naturally attractive. Both types of roof shingles need insulation on the under side to help make the home energy-efficient. Metal needs lesser insulation compared to asphalt.

Metal roof shingles cost around 30 percent more than regular asphalt ones. Depending on your local weather conditions and needs choosing this roof may make all the difference. For example in highly windy areas steel makes for good roofing choice. They can withstand higher intensity winds without getting blown away. Asphalt is lousy in such areas.

Again certain homeowners associations for the sake of uniformity and to enhance the curb appeal of their homes require all homes to follow the norms set by them. So, in such areas it may or may not be permitted to opt for metal shingles. If you local association allows it and your home will benefit by it then by all means opt for metal roof shingles.

Metal roof shingles are light-weight and do not cause an undue stress on the roof structure. It weighs about one-seventh the weight of composition shingle. They are fire-resistant and safer. Homes with metal roofs qualify for lower insurance premiums. If you live in areas were fires are an expected danger then a brick house with a metal roof has more chances of surviving than any other home.

If you expect to live in a home for a long time then metal roof shingles is the most long-lasting option. Else, you will be forced to replace your roof maybe 15 years down the line. It costs more initially but in the longer run the costs actually become cheaper considering its long-life, lower insurance premiums, safer against winds and fire and lower maintenance charges. Most metal roof shingles come with guarantees of 50 years or more.

There are many advantages to metal roof shingles ranging from long durable life, lower cost over the life-time of the roof, better protection against the elements and its fire-resistance properties.

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