Costly Roof Replacement Mistakes

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The last of 5 costly roof replacement mistakes are:

4. Conversion

A special number is used to convert the flat, level measurements into 3 dimensional figures using the pitch of the roof as a guide. This number is called an approximate average roofing multiplier. For a low pitched roof, it could be from 1.15 to 1.25. For a medium pitched roof, the multiplier might be between 1.25 and 1.4. A steep roof would have a multiplier of anywhere from 1.41 to 1.7.

The basic measurement of the roof is then multiplied by the approximate average roofing multiplier for the given roof, and you arrive at a new, more accurate figure. If you use the wrong multiplier or do not do the calculations correctly, you can throw off your roof replacement cost budget.

5. Special Features

The measurements of a roof can be altered by special features such as dormers, end-walls, valleys, and chimneys. These must all be accounted for and there is no one neat, simple formula for figuring them in.

If you want to get all your shingles at the same time to get a price break, it is important to figure correctly. If you want to make sure you get enough of the same kind of shingles, you need the proper number. Finally, if you do not want to overbuy, you need an accurate estimate of your roofing material needs. A home remodeling company can help you measure and calculate to reduce the roof replacement cost.

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By Shawn Michael Hickman

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