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Roofing shingles are the most common material used for building roof constructions in many parts of the world.  Despite their widespread use, however, not many home owners have a clear idea of what a new roof will cost, or what the best roofing shingles are, or where they can find the best deals on roof shingles.

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After researching online for many months, one thing was glaringly obvious.  There was a need for a comprehensive resource about roofing materials and especially a roof shingles price guide.  Home owners wanted to learn about roofing contractors and the two factors that impact cost – the materials used for building, and the labor required to install a new roof.

There really is no reason why roofing prices should be so diverse across the world.  Granted that there are regional differences in the rates charged by manufacturers for various types of roofing material, it should be relatively simple to arrive at a ballpark roofing estimate – but in practice, that isn’t possible.

Manufacturers present their wares in confusing and opaque fashion so that you’ll need to strain your brain to come up with the information that you require.  Contractors deliberately mask their roof shingles price quotes in jargon and include (or exclude) different elements of the project, making it harder than necessary to do a point-by-point comparison.

The typical cost of roofing shingles varies from $140 to $175 per 100 square feet, but when it comes to your unique situation, this isn’t very helpful – as many home owners painfully discover.

Labor expenses diverge widely from place to place.  The work is difficult, dirty and even dangerous.  Skilled personnel are scarce, especially if you’re planning a special kind of roof with architectural shingles or high tech roof materials like solar powered roofing shingles.

Factors pertaining to your own building also will affect your cost.  A steep roof is harder to shingle, and your roofing contractor will charge more for the job.  Uneven roofs with many dips and valleys will cost more to cover.  Replacing a roof when it becomes old and disposing off the waste material can add to your roofing expense.

This site will strive to explore various elements of roofing shingles and roof replacement or repair.  Our detailed and impartial analysis will provide you with the information and resources necessary to make an informed choice.

If you have specific needs or seek a particular type of information, please let us know so that we can tailor our content to match your interests and requirements.  Hopefully you will be able to find answers to all your roofing questions right here at the Agua Roof Shingles Price Guide website.

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