Solar Roof Shingles – The Many Positive Factors To Installing Solar Shingles

Solar roof shingles are no longer like those clunky solar panels of old. Today’s panels are sleek and very attractively designed to look like architectural roof shingles. They can be simply integrated with present roofing. The wiring runs underneath the shingles and are out of sight. They generate free electricity for the home and this lowers electricity bills making your home a green home. As the electricity generated is by converting solar energy there is no by-products or emissions making it completely pollution free.

An investment in solar roof shingles will crank up your home value. More and more individuals are seeing the value in getting free power from solar panels and installing them over their roofs. A home that already boasts of solar power generating shingles is so much more valuable to home buyer. The warranty covers the shingles for any faults or defects. So, in case of any problems you can get it replaced free of cost. The solar shingles are your contribution to society’s efforts to protect the environment. As these shingles are backed by years of research and advanced technology the panels are long-lasting. They are investment for your life-time and beyond.

Many states and the federal government are encouraging the use of solar roof shingles in order to reduce the citizens dependance on conventional fuels. They are offering extensive tax rebates and incentives to help offset the higher cost of shingles. As fossil fuels are getting more expensive there is a relentess effort to find cheaper alternative sources and solar energy has emerged as a front runner along with wind power.

These shingles have been found to be very pleasing to look at and are fully integrated with any type of roofing. The shingles are laid to follow the natural lines of the home and offer freedom to design and lay them any way you want. The enhance the look of the home as they are very pleasing aesthetically and structurally. You don’t have to worry about water seepage or the solar roof shingles being blown away due to high speed winds. These solar shingles are designed to withstand strong winds and are water proof. As they are perfectly designed to match other roofing materials, there is no chance of water seepage.

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