Solar Roof Shingles – The Better Kind of Roof Shingles

Flexible solar roof shingles combine innovations in harnessing solar energy with state of art shingle design which results in solar panels integrated into traditional asphalt shingles. Photovoltaic shingle faces are designed to blend with the surrounding roof and other elements of the design.

Solar roof shingles measure 86.5 inches by 12 inches. It is typically nailed in to roof decking with long nails. The solar panels are linked by electric lead wires that extend a foot from beneath the shingles and pass through to the interior of the building.

The sun rays heat up these shingles and over time bonds them together, creating a water resistant seal. The power generated by solar roof shingles varies based on the duration of sunlight, the directness of the rays, and the number of solar shingles installed.

Installation of solar roof shingles is not very complex and a roofing contractor can handle the job. Following instructions in the user manual, the roofer will drill holes through which the wiring is pulled through the roof. An electrical system installer will be involved in connecting the solar shingles together beneath the roof, and then hooking up this set of wires into the power conditioning equipment.

The benefits of solar roof shingles are an attractive style, integration into shingles, reduced electricity costs, zero pollution energy generation and a manufacturer backed warranty. Not only are solar roof shingles durable and inexpensive, they also protect the environment and owners enjoy state rebates for installing such a green-friendly solution.

For more benefits of solar roof shingles, check out this detailed review of solar shingles – click here.

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