Roofing Shingles For Sale – How To Pick A Good Deal?

Every year during the lean season roofing shingles for sale are on offer in many parts of the country. Roofers will tell you that their main season for roofing installation runs from spring through to winter. During the peak winter not many roofs are installed. So, roofing shingles manufacturers and stores selling these shingles in a bid to clear out their old stock offer discounts and sales. If you have been keeping track of prices you will find that generally around this time the prices drop by a small percentage. If you are buying in bulk then you will be saving a significant amount of money.

Is is a good idea to buy roofing shingles for sale or get the roofer to supply and install the shingles?

If you are able to source good quality roofing shingles at a really low cost, then it might be a good idea to buy them and get a roofer to install them. But, you might face a situation where the roofers refuse to install the roofing shingles that are not supplied by them or they charge extra for roof installation. Roofing contractors generally buy roof shingles in bulk from their known contacts and generally make a small profit on it. When you cut them out of this profit by buying roofing shingles for sale they will naturally want to make it up by adding to your roof installation cost.

Roof Sales At Roofing Companies

Many roofing companies also offer roof sales during the lean season when they do not have much business to encourage homeowners and business owners to redo their roofs. These companies will generally offer limited time and limited number of roofs for sale. Here you can buy roofing shingles for sale and the roofer will install it for you. This benefits both the homeowners and the roofing company. As they can keep their roofing contractors employed during the mean season and also clear out the old stocks of roofing materials. The homeowners benefits as he gets a brand new roof at much lower cost.

Limited Choice

It has to be borne in mind that when purchasing roofing shingles on sale you can not expect much in terms of choice when you are purchasing it on your own from the big super marts or sourcing it through the roofers. The stores will trying to clear out their old stocks to make room for new products and arrivals. Also, they will be selling only stuff that hasn’t found many buyers. If you happen to like what’s on offer then that’s a double bonus for you. Roofing companies when they offer roofing sales will source at the maximum one or two types of roofing materials to get bulk discount. They are mainly trying to keep their roofing contractors busy during the lean season. So, here again the choice will not be too great.

Cost of Installation

As mentioned earlier the roof installation cost of roofing shingles for sale maybe higher. Another reason this could be higher even though you sourced the roofing shingles for sale from the roofing company itself is because the roofing company may have different method of installation which is more expensive. So, you may end up paying the same amount as when you do it in the regular season with a different company. Again, each company will claim their installation type to better. If you are satisfied with a particular company’s method of installation and their prices then taking up their offer in the lean season can get you a true discount.

How And Where To Find Roofing Shingles On Sale

Check out your home improvement stores in your city. They might be running clearance sales or have end of season sales, products lines that are discontinued, unpopular colors, roofing styles that have gone out of fashion are some of the shingles which might be offered on discount. Also, call roofing contractors in your area, they might be holding on to shingles from canceled orders or customers might have moved on higher priced shingles leaving cheaper stock lying with the roofers. You might be able to take this lot off the roofer’s hands. Another option is to call up shingles manufacturing units and ask them if they have some defective lots or discontinued products which might be up for sale. Manufacturers have to discard lots that have cosmetic defects or shingles from the last season. If you are lucky you might be able to pick up really good quality roofing shingles on sale which have only minor defects.

As always when you are looking for price discounts you have to pay in time and effort. Also, you might have to buy extra amount of shingles in order to replace defective ones, the color and material may not be of your choice. Also, some of the shingles may have been in storage for a long time and they may deteriorate faster than you expected. So, be sure to keep these factors in mind when looking for roofing shingles for sale.

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