Roofing Shingles Colors – Need Help In Choosing Shingles Colors

Whether you need to buy a new roof or replace an old one you have to choose roofing shingles colors to complement your home overall look and theme. Picking a good color combination raises your home’s profile in the neighborhood and makes it worth more in terms of resale value. Shingles are no longer monochromatic. They are available in vivid colors and shades both in modern and traditional styles. They are available with different textures and grain enhancing today’s roof shingles appeal. The most recent trend in shingles include the 3-dimensional design.

But, picking the right roofing shingles colors is important in more ways than one, here we list out a few:


Light plays an important role in how the different roofing shingles colors will play out. Depending on whether the day is sunny, bright, dull, gray, cloudy or heavily overcast you shingles will appear different. So, choosing shingles based on your local climate makes sense. If it’s going to be predominantly sunny or mostly overcast pick a color that appeals to you the most.


The same roofing shingles will appear differently shaded in different parts of the roof. In some areas it will look darker than the rest. This is because at varying angles on the roof the light reflection changes and you have shingles looking brighter or darker depending on the angle. Clay tiles and cedar wood shingles don’t have this problem and they appear the same in all types of sloping and lighting conditions.

Save Energy

Did you know that roofing shingles colors plays a significant role in the amount of heat absorbed by the shingles. A darker colored shingle absorbs more heat while a lighter shade reflects it. So, in cooler climate it is better to go for dark brown, black, deep blue and green to help in the melting of the snow. A lighter shade of shingle helps reflect light and keep the interiors cool. This color is more suited for hotter climates. Clay tiles or imitation clay tiles works great in both hot and cold weather conditions. For moderate weather conditions also these tiles work well. Even in terms of looks the classic clay tiles offer superb value. Not many shingles can offer insulation, aesthetic appeal and uniform shading in all light conditions like clay tiles can. Cedar wood shingles are another classic option that is suitable in all weather conditions but it is a lot more expensive than asphalt roofing shingles and hence not preferred.

Darker Shades Or Lighter Shades

The darker shades help make a tall building look less formidable. While a white roof is used to make a low slung roof appear taller. White roofs make a home look nice and airy. You can get the classic look with a white colored roofing shingles. But, there are many problems with white colored roofs. They look dirty and dull in a few short months of laying. They need frequent and constant maintenance to keep that pristine look. White roofs are not attractive when used in combination with many colors. So, it is better to go with light gray roofs that are flecked with white which gives excellent reflection of light and keeps the home cool. They are quite elegant too.

Darker shades are known to deteriorate faster maybe because they absorb a lot of heat. A proper ventilation is a must when you apply dark shades of roofing shingles to prevent heat build up inside the attic and consequent damage to the roofing shingles and also to items in storage in the attics.

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