Roof Shingles – Finding The Right Option

The most eye-catching part of any home is its roof shingles. That is the first thing we notice about the home. The color, the shade, whether it is hipped, sloping, flat, gabled, how the colors match the exteriors of the home and so on. The roof apart from the aesthetics also performs an important function of protecting the home. Wind, rain, sun, snow, the cold and the heat are kept at by roofs installed with precision and care. Once laid people homeowners usually forget about the most important aspect of their home – the roof.

That is until the roof shingles get damaged, chipped, worn-out, broken or fly-away due to fierce storms or otherwise. When water starts leaking through the roof and dripping over your expensive carpet or sofa set, you start panicking and remember that your roof needs some care from time to time.

Most roof shingles last around 20-30 years. That is usually the amount of time a family spends in a home. Most homeowners have moved on to a bigger home before the life-time of the shingles ends. When repairing or replacing roof shingles there are lot of issues that need to be carefully considered. You need to know whether a simple roof repair and replacing a few shingles is all it needs or whether the roof needs a complete overhaul. If after inspection you find that the roof shingles are fine and it needs only minor repairs that is a major saving in costs for you. However, if the entire shingles need replacement then that is a major project which needs due planning and implementation.

First and foremost any underlying problems needs to be fixed before the shingles are laid. Next, comes the difficult choice of selecting a particular brand or type of shingles from the many hundred choices on offer. Not just color, there are a whole range of textures, types, designs and more to choose from. Slate, tiles, architectural, asphalt are just a few of material choices to pick from in roofing shingles. For a homeowner the whole task of re-roofing or re-shingling can be intidimating, costly and messy unless they have trusted contractors to do the job.

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