Metal Roof Vs Shingles Debate

Often, roofing contracts are questioned about metal roof vs. shingles and home owners want to know the better option to replace their old roofs or buying a first roof. The answer is discussed here in detail to help the customer make an informed choice

Price of Metal Roof Vs Shingles

Price is not only an important factor but the deciding factor in many a homeowner’s decision is choosing a roof for their home. The metal roof vs shingles debate may throw up metal has the undefeated winner but when it comes price asphalt shingles are most economical and suit every budget. In the long term however metal roofs score big as they are long-lasting, durable, resistant to fire and impact and reliable. They last from 50 to 100 years and this may be the last roof that you ever lay for your home. Considering the price over the long life of the metal roof you will arrive at a cost that is quite comparable to ordinary shingles and may even work out cheaper.

In the short term the price of metal roofs is about 3 times that of shingles. The higher cost of metal is because of the cost of the roofing material, the cost of installation which needs specialist skills and longer time it takes to lay the metal roof. So, if you are debating metal roofs vs shingles strictly on price than shingles win every time. But, other factors will make metal roof much more attractive.

Do Metal Roofs Sound More Noisy

A number of homeowners are worried that their metal roofs will sound like automatic gun-fire or train making noise on the tracks. This source of their fear stems from the old barns with metal roofs that they might have seen in their childhood. Today the metal roofs hardly make any noise because of the sound insulating properties of their underlayment. The noise levels inside the home are comparable when considering metal roof vs shingles roof. If the homeowner is still not convinced then it is quite easy to lay layer of foam under the metal roof to absorb all the noise.

Metal Roofs Are Lightening Magnets

Another frequent misconception encountered in the minds of homeowners is that somehow metal roofs are more prone to lightening strikes. This is completely untrue. Metals are not susceptible to lightening in thunder storms. In fact the tallest building in the area is the one that will be hit. If your building is the tallest and happens to have metal roof, then rest assured that the metal will easily transmit the electricity from the lightening straight to the ground with no damage to the roof. On the other hand the asphalt shingles or wood shingles can get damaged due to their insulating properties. In the metal roofs vs shingles debate we can safely say that metal roofs are safer in a lightening strike than other roofs.

Resale Value Of Home

The resale value of a home increases regardless of whether it is metal roofs or shingles. But, if it comes to metal roof vs shingles, you know that metal roofs are longer-lasting, durable and easy to maintain. A metal roof is roof for life of a home while other roofs will need replacement in a decade or two. So, the market value of metal roof homes are higher.

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