Metal Roof Shingles – What Metals Are Used?

If you’ve wondered about the materials that metal roof shingles are made of, then you’ll find this information fascinating.

“Curious about the metals used for roofing? Copper, Zinc, Galvanized steel, Galvalume, Aluminum are usual metals used in roofing. Copper metal roofs last several decades for upto 150 years. In the first few decades after they are laid the metal roof goes from bright copper color to dull copper green to full green green. It acquires a patina due to exposure to the elements.

This lovely green color gives the home a nice aged look and is unique to copper. Standing seam metal roof lasts for a long time. The sloping roofs shed ice and snow fast. This keeps the roof light and well ventilated. There is not much problem of snow or ice buildup frequently seen with other types of roofs. Standing seam metal roofs are both modern and versatile offering homeowners a fabulous choice in roofs when building stylish homes.

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