Tile Roof Repair – A Beginner’s Guide

Tile roof repair is an unavoidable aspect of any tiled home. Most experts and manufacturers assure you that tiled roofs work well without any problems for up to 15 years. But you might find that your tiles have started leaking within 10 years of installment. Tiled roofs are vulnerable to rain and heavy winds. Eventually these tiles get broken or cracked due to these weather conditions.

The damages may cost you in thousands of dollars. Home owners usually prefer tiled roofs because it gives their home a classic and trendy appearance. Tiles come in various colors, sizes and shapes. They also add an elegant touch of detail to even the simplest houses.

Tiles are one of the most common materials used for roofs. Unlike the shingles, the tiles are heavier and require extra materials for installment. Tile roof repair is an expensive process since it involves a lot of extra materials and labor other than just the tiles. Usual problems with the tiled roofs are that cracks keep appearing on the tiles. These cracked tiles should be removed immediately since it will put the entire roof in danger of collapsing.

Replacing or repairing a single tile is not a problem and can be done easily with minimum costs. But the replaced tiles won’t have the same color as the rest of your roof since it depends on the length of exposure to the sun and other weather conditions. There are many options available for repairing the tiles like filling a sealant inside the cracks of the tiles. The choice of replacing or repairing is left to the home owner. If the tile has very bad cracks, then it is best to replace them.

Maintenance of tiled roofs is important since it can help you avoid any problems before they turn into a bigger expense. Always keep checking your tiles every day. Best place to inspect your tiles is from the attic or from the roof. From the attic check the tiles and look for any cracks or water straining.

Tiles, like steel sheets and other corrugated material, deteriorate over time and hence looking for cracks on a regular basis is important. Use a flashlight and look for cracks across all the tiles and if you find any tile with hair line cracks, then get them replaced immediately. You can also inspect your tiled roof from the ground level. Tiles that are broken or shifted can be found and replaced.

Once you are done with checking the tiles, estimate the damage. If there are too many broken tiles, then it is best ask for professional help. If there are only a few and the damage is not too much then, it can be done easily. Just try to replace them yourself. Be very careful while doing the replacement because you might have to walk on other tiles and might end up breaking them as well. Consider the weather conditions and decide if doing the replacement is suitable at that time. Have the necessary materials ready for immediate replacements should the need arise.

Tile roof repair is a delicate process and depending on the situation must be done by the right people or accredited members of associations, who are experienced and qualified. Repairing the damaged tiles immediately is necessary and will help prevent further damages to the roofing and other parts of the house.

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