Solar Roof Tiles – Say Goodbye To Electricity Bills

Solar roof tiles are the latest innovation that is taking the American roofing industry by storm. Developed using photovoltaic technology the solar cells are an answer to people lookign for ways and means to reduce their dependance on fossil fuels, the prices of which are going through the roof. Solar power has always been an attractive looking option mainly because the potential for it is so limitless. But, till now there was no efficient method to tap into it. It is no longer the case. Solar technology has moved away from just solar water heater and garden lights. It has entered into our homes through a number of different applications.

If you have bought a US Tiles roof then solar roof tiles comes as an upgrade offer for all their customers. The US Tiles company is the largest tile maker in the country and the offer is too good to refuse as you get to make your own electricity free of cost on your roof top.
The tiles are designed to blend in with your roof tiles and is an integrated product that has wiring systems running underneath. The design integrates well with regular tiles.

No more worries that your roof will look ugly with solar panels sticking out. The solar roof tiles looks exactly like normal tiles and it would not stick out and look out of place. It actually adds to the design element with its bluish-purplish tinge and makes your roof a energy producer. The product is good looking and at the same time adds functionality to your roof.

For a more detailed report on solar roof tiles, here’s a link. Check it out.

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