Roofing Tiles – Different Designs In Tiles

Different designs in roofing tiles are availalbe. Roof tiles have been a popular choice of people around the globe and have stood the test of time. The essential design and form have survived without change down the ages. It just goes to prove how well this simple design has worked for people of all cultures and regions. The roofing tile has served man well. Made from locally available, environmentally sustainable methods the basic ingredient of the roof tille is clay and it is fired in kilns to make it tough and durable.

The tiles industry has come a long way from simple, sun-baked or kiln-fired tiles of the past. New materials and new methods are being tried to make the tile more glamorous and up to date. Concrete, plastic are just few of the materials being used. These roofing tiles come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. The finishes also vary, so do textures and designs to cater to every whim and fancy of customers.

Inspite of the wide number of choices and designs on offer a close inspection will reveal that the basic design and style remain the same. The basic four designs of the past are the basis of all new roofing tiles. They have withstood the impact of nature, time and man and stood up to all the challenges thrown at them.

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