Roof Tiles Types – 5 Most Popular Types Of Roof Tiles

Roof tiles types are an important consideration when building a new home or replacing an old roof. Factors that influence this decision are architectural style of the home, the expected life of the roof, the aesthetics of the roof, the budget of the homeowner and so on. As some tiles are heavy, certain homes are not suitable for them. Some tiles cost more and yet others are durable. Some are energy efficient, some are environment friendly and some require very littel maintenance.

So, from the maze of different roof tiles types selecting a tile is dependent on what factors are more important to a particular homeowner than others. For our discussion we will consider the 5 most popular roof tiles that are widely used.

Slate Tiles

– These naturally available tiles are the most expensive of the different roof tiles types because they the cost of installation for them is the highest. It is mostly preferred by homowners who have colonial, Italian or French styled home. Homes with slate roofs have distinct charm and natural elegance. The slate roof is fire-resistant and lasts for a century or more if installed and maintained properly. It needs very little maintenance. But, on the other hand the installation is a very difficult and time-consuming process requiring lot of expertise on the part of the installer. The tiles themselves need to be handled with care as they are heavy and fragile.

Cement Tiles

– These roof tiles types are suitable for different types of homes like prairie homes, mission style homes, Italian and Mediterrarnean homes. Cement is immune to fire and the product is manufactured in a variety of shades to match your home color. The roofs lasts a long time with a little bit of maintnenace. They are heavy and need very strong structure to be able to take the weight. Hence this is almost always used in new construction where the roof structure can be adjusted for weight of the cement tiles. Like slate these are also difficult to install, repair and replace. Like slate they also get damaged if walked upon.

Fiber Reinforced Concrete Tiles

– A innovative product these roof tiles types are designed to look wood shake tiles, stone tiles or slate tiles. These are light-weight and easy to install. They are resistant to fire, insects and have long life. They are also low on maintenance. But, like other tiles they are quite expensive.

Metal Roofing Tiles

– Steel, tin, aluminum, copper are the commonly used in making metal roofing tiles. Depending on the metal used the cost will vary. The metal roofs go well with cottages, modern homes, ranches and bungalows. These roof tiles types are designed to look liek slate or wood tiles. They are available in a variety of colors, are lightweight and are easily installed over the old roof. They have long life of around 50 years or more. They can withstand winds, rain, hail, snow and any extreme weather conditions. These tiles are also difficult to install and are costly. They might need to be repainted if the color fades or gets chipped due to exposure to sun and the elements.

Synthetic Roofing Tiles

– This is another innovation from the roofing industry. These roof tiles types use modern method of design and manufacture to make new roofing types that are able to withstand all types of weather and last longer than their natural counterparts. They are manufacturered using polymers and rubber which are then combined with filler elements. They have high impact resistance and light weight. They are installed easily with little difficulty.

From the above roof tiles types you should have a fair idea about the various roofing options open to you as far as tiles are concerned. They are classfications of roof tiles based on their design and style too. Tiles have evolved over the centuries and have come down to us almost in the same form as when they were first invented. Some of most popular styles inclue plain tiles, pantiles with s-shaped profile and roman tiles with a flat cross-section and a small roll.

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